I got my PhD in Materials Science at the Universidad de Oviedo in 2012, focused in the interplay between crystal structure and magnetic properties, such us the magnetocaloric and magnetovolume effects. I did a postdoctoral stay in the Universidad del País Vasco, working in the caloric properties of Shape Memory Alloys and patterning of magnetic thin films. In 2016 I got a lecturer position at the Universidad de Oviedo. Currently I have a full professor position at the Physics Department. I was visiting profesor (more than one month each) in ILL (France), IPICYT (Mexico), and UPJS (Slovakia). I coautored more than 40 articles published in Q1 journals and a chapter book contribution (h-index = 19). I participated in 6 national and 4 regional research projects. I gave 2 invited and 10 oral ...

Fields of Specialization
Caloric effects in Shape Memory Alloys and intermetallic compounds in bulk, powder, ribbon, and thin film shape
Fundamentos de Física (Grado de Ing. Geomática); Magnetismo Avanzado (Máster en Física Avanzada); Waves and Electromagnetism (Grados EPI); Técnicas de análisis y de caracterización de los materiales I (Master en ciencia y tecnología de materiales); Mecánica y Termodinámica (Grado Ing. Geomática y Topografía); Técnicas Experimentales en Física III (Grado de Física); Física (Grado de Biología)
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