Frequently Asked Questions

Wich version of my paper should be incluided in the repository?

To know wich article version should be incluided in the repository it is necessary to check the journal´s selfarchiving policy. This can be consulted directly in the web page of the journal, in the Sherpa/Romeo search engine (for international journals) or Dulcinea (national journals).

Usually the most common version is the postprint (accepted manuscript after the peer review but without the final layout).

More information about the different article´s versions HERE

Is it mandatory to deposit all my works in RUO?

It is mandatory only if the work is related to a research financed with public funds. This aplly since the entry into force, in December 3th, of the new Ley de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación

In any case, the University of Oviedo, in its commitment with the Open Access and the disseminations of the scientific work, encourage researches to incluide their works in RUO. This commitment of the institution is reflected in the Open Access Policy that you can consult HERE

What is Open Access?

Open Access is an international initiative that promotes the publication of different types of materials and digital resources such as scientific publications, learning materials, etc. in free access.

This kind of publication, wich is easy to consult, does not prevent authors from continuing to enjoy control over their work and the right to be properly recognized and cited.

There are two paths to publish in Open Access: the selfarchiving (the author incluide a version of the paper in an institutional repository) and the publication of the work in an Open Access journal.

What are Creative Commons?

Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that under the motto "Some rights reserved" provides the author with a tool to exercise their rights and tranfer some of them on certain occasions.

It establishes four conditions of use (atributtion, non comercial, no derivatives and share alike) that, combined with each other, give rise to six licenses to choose from.

Use this licenses is free of charge.

You can consult all the information about Creative Commons in its Web

What can I do if I want to include a pdf in a register that exists in RUO?

If the register is allready in RUO, you should send the file to indicating the versión of the article (preprint, postprint, publihsed version).

To know the version that you can attached to the register you can consult directly in the web page of the journal, in the Sherpa/Romeo search engine (for international journals) or Dulcinea (national journals).

What can I do if there is typo in a record?

If you want to make any change or a correction in the content of a register you should send an email to

How can I access a document (thesis, article..) if it is under an embargo?

The documents under embargo will not be available online until passed the date indicated on the record.

The Doctoral Theses that are not available online can be consulted in person ath the Milan Campus (If you need further information please contact

Currently it is necessary to make an appointment, to access the application click HERE

Should I deposit my Master Thesis in RUO?

The master students can deposit a digital copy of their Master Thesis that will be available online, except for exceptions authorized by the academic commission of the master that will have a temporary embargo.

These works can be protected for a maximum period of five years, with prior authorization from the corresponding master's committee and presenting a public abstract of the content.