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¿Qué che femos con el che? : Some properties of the ethical dative ‘che’ in Asturian Galician

dc.contributor.authorVares González, Elena 
dc.contributor.authorLorenzo González, Guillermo José
dc.identifier.citationVares González, E., & Lorenzo, G. (2022). Chapter 5. ¿Qué che femos con el che?: Some properties of the ethical dative ‘che’ in Asturian Galician. En G. Lorenzo (Ed.), Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (Vol. 36, pp. 93-108). John Benjamins Publishing Company.
dc.description.abstractThis chapter is devoted to the pervasive use in Asturian Galician of a clitic token formally identical to the second person singular dative, albeit with different conditions of use and subject to very different placement restrictions. We claim that such item incorporates a ‘clusivity’ feature as an extension of the second person, compatible with its modal meaning, and that it benefits from the underspecification of the vocabulary item that also materializes the dative. We also claim that it belongs to a class different to ‘determiner-type’ clitics and ‘agreement-type’ clitics, which we deem ‘other-type.’ Despite its specificities, the chapter shows that it is not, however, a peripheric unit, inasmuch as its behavior is fully consistent with UG
dc.description.sponsorshipThis chapter has benefitted from a grant of the Spanish Government (FFI2017-87699-P; GL).
dc.format.extentp. 93-106spa
dc.publisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Companyspa
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIssues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics;36
dc.subjectpronominal cliticsspa
dc.subjectmodal cliticsspa
dc.subjectethical dativespa
dc.subjectclitic clustersspa
dc.title¿Qué che femos con el che? : Some properties of the ethical dative ‘che’ in Asturian Galicianspa

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