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Asturian and Asturian Spanish at the syntax-phonology interface : Cliticization phenomena and beyond

dc.contributor.authorVilla García, Julio 
dc.contributor.authorSánchez Llana, Hugo
dc.identifier.citationVilla-García, J., & Sánchez-Llana, H. (2022). Chapter 2. Asturian and Asturian Spanish at the syntax-phonology interface: Cliticization phenomena and beyond. En G. Lorenzo (Ed.), Issues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics (Vol. 36, pp. 15-44). John Benjamins Publishing Company.
dc.description.abstractA number of movement-related phenomena from Asturian as well as from the Spanish spoken in the Principality of Asturias are amenable to accounts where the Pronounce-Highest-Copy requirement in Phonetic Form can be overridden if convergence so demands. Therefore, the evidence adduced here supports the view that the requirements imposed by the Phonetic Form component may take precedence over purely syntactic requirements. In this connection, we argue for a novel analysis of the enclitic-proclitic contrast in Asturian and Asturian Spanish in finite and non-finite contexts, alongside extensions to other constructions, which add to the ample stock of phenomena supporting the rather successful Copy Theory of
dc.format.extentp. 15-43spa
dc.publisherJohn Benjamins Publishing Companyspa
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIssues in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics;36
dc.subjectpronominal cliticsspa
dc.subjectpronounce lower copyspa
dc.subjectLengua asturianaspa
dc.titleAsturian and Asturian Spanish at the syntax-phonology interface : Cliticization phenomena and beyondspa

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