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Hydrogen effects on copper, zinc and nickel atomic emission lines in argon radiofrequency glow discharge optical emission spectrometry

dc.contributor.authorMartín Álvarez, Antonio 
dc.contributor.authorPereiro García, María Rosario 
dc.contributor.authorBordel García, Nerea 
dc.contributor.authorSanz Medel, Alfredo
dc.identifier.citationSpectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy, 63(6), p. 692-699 (2008); doi:10.1016/j.sab.2008.04.010spa
dc.description.abstractThe effect of hydrogen (0.5%, 1% and 10% v/v) added to the argon plasma gas on the emission spectra of selected atomic lines for copper, zinc and nickel has been studied by radiofrequency glow discharge optical emission spectrometry (rf-GD-OES). Conductive homogeneous samples containing different concentrations of the elements under study in different matrices have been investigated. Results show different trends of the emission intensity lines with increasing hydrogen concentration in the rf-GD, depending on the line characteristics. In most cases, the emission yields of the lines under study did not change or increased when hydrogen was added to the discharge (no decreases were observed). The emission yields of certain lines showed much higher increases than other lines of the same element (for example, lines 213.86 nm of Zn and 231.10 nm of Ni). Our experiments indicate that such notorious increases could be related with the possible decrease of the self-absorption when hydrogen is added to the discharge. Overall, the results obtained for the emission yield changes of certain lines of a given element in different matrices (with different analyte content) showed that while for resonance emission lines very notorious increases are observed, the values for non-resonance lines do not change significantly (specially if the matrices employed are similar).spa
dc.format.extentp. 692-699spa
dc.relation.ispartofSpectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopyspa
dc.subjectRadiofrequency Glow Discharge; Atomic Emission Spectrometry; Hydrogen Effect; Emission Yield; Sputtering Ratespa
dc.titleHydrogen effects on copper, zinc and nickel atomic emission lines in argon radiofrequency glow discharge optical emission spectrometryspa

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