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Aspirin Recapitulates Features of Caloric Restriction

dc.contributor.authorPietrocola, F.
dc.contributor.authorCastoldi, F.
dc.contributor.authorMarkaki, M.
dc.contributor.authorMariño García, Guillermo
dc.identifier.citationCell Reports, 22(9), p. 2455-2468 (2018); doi:10.1016/j.celrep.2018.02.024
dc.description.sponsorshipG.K. is supported by the Ligue contre le Cancer Comitede Charente-Maritime (equipe labelisee); Agence National de la Recherche (ANR) - Projets blancs; ANR under the frame of E-Rare-2, the ERA-Net for Research on Rare Diseases; Association pour la recherche sur le cancer (ARC); Canceropole Ile-de-France; Chancelerie des universites de Paris (Legs Poix), Fondation pour la Recherche Medicale (FRM); a donation by Elior; the European Commission (ArtForce); the European Research Council (ERC; ERC-2012-AdG-320339-Immunodeath); Fondation Carrefour; Institut National du Cancer (INCa); INSERM (HTE); Institut Universitaire de France; LeDucq Foundation; the LabEx Immuno-Oncology; the RHU Torino Lumiere; the Searave Foundation; the SIRIC Stratified Oncology Cell DNA Repair and Tumor Immune Elimination (SOCRATE); the SIRIC Cancer Research and Personalized Medicine (CARPEM); and the Paris Alliance of Cancer Research Institutes (PACRI). F.M. is grateful to the FWF for grants LIPOTOX, P 29262, P 27893, P 29203, and P24381-B20 and the BMWFW for grants "Unconventional research" and "Flysleep (80.109/0001 -WF/V/3b/2015). G.M. is funded by the Ramon y Cajal Program (RYC-2013-12751) and supported by Spain's Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad (BFU2015-68539) and the BBVA Foundation (SV-15-FBBVA-2). Some nematode strains used in this work were provided by the Caenorhabditis Genetic Center (CGC) at the University of Minnesota, which is funded by NIH Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (P40 OD010440).
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityPietrocola, F., Castoldi, F., Markaki, M., Lachkar, S., Chen, G., Enot, D.P., Durand, S., Bossut, N., Tong, M., Malik, S.A., Loos, F., Dupont, N., Mariño, G., Abdelkader, N., Madeo, F., Maiuri, M.C., Kroemer, R., Codogno, P., Sadoshima, J., Tavernarakis, N., Kroemer, G.
dc.format.extentp. 2455-2468
dc.relation.ispartofCell Reports
dc.rights© 2018 Federico Pietrocola et al.
dc.rightsCC Reconocimiento - No Comercial - Sin Obra Derivada 4.0 Internacional
dc.titleAspirin Recapitulates Features of Caloric Restriction

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© 2018 Federico Pietrocola et al.
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