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The Pre-Andean Phases of Construction of the Southern Andes Basement in Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic Times

dc.contributor.authorHeredia Carballo, Nemesio
dc.contributor.authorGarcía-Sansegundo, Joaquín 
dc.contributor.authorGallastegui Suárez, Gloria
dc.contributor.authorFarias Arquer, Pedro José 
dc.contributor.authorGiocasa, Raúl
dc.contributor.authorHongn, Fernando
dc.contributor.authorTubía, José María
dc.contributor.authorAlonso Alonso, Juan Luis 
dc.contributor.authorBusquets, Pere
dc.contributor.authorCharrier, Reynaldo
dc.contributor.authorClariana, Pilar
dc.contributor.authorColombo, Ferrán
dc.contributor.authorCuesta Fernández, Andrés 
dc.contributor.authorGallastegui Suárez, Jorge 
dc.contributor.authorGiambiagi, Laura
dc.identifier.citationHeredia N. et al. (2018) The Pre-Andean Phases of Construction of the Southern Andes Basement in Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic Times. In: Folguera A. et al. (eds) The Evolution of the Chilean-Argentinean Andes. Springer Earth System Sciences. Springer, Cham; doi:10.1007/978-3-319-67774-3_5
dc.description.abstractDuring the late Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic times, the Southern Andes of Argentina and Chile (21º-55º S) formed part of the southwestern margin of Gondwana. During this period of time, a set of continental fragments of variable extent and allochtony was successively accreted to that margin, resulting in six Paleozoic orogenies of different temporal and spatial extension: Pampean (Ediacaran-early Cambrian), Famatinian (Early Ordovician-Silurian), Ocloyic (Middle Ordovician-Devonian), Chanic (Middle Devonian-early Carboniferous), Gondwanan (Middle Devonian-middle Permian) and Tabarin (late Permian-Triassic). All these orogenies culminate with collisional events, with the exception of the Tabarin and a part of the Gondwanan orogenies that are subduction-related.eng
dc.description.sponsorshipThis chapter shows the main results of the InverAndes (BTE2002-04316-C03), PaleoAndes I (CGL2006-12415-CO3/BTE), PaleoAndes II (CGL2009-13706-CO3), TORANDES (CGL2012-38396-C03) projects, supported by the I+D+i Spanish Plan and FEDER Funds from the European Unioneng
dc.description.statementofresponsibility(et al.)
dc.format.extentp. 111-131spa
dc.relation.ispartofThe Evolution of the Chilean-Argentinean Andeseng
dc.rights© Springer International Publishing AG, 2018
dc.titleThe Pre-Andean Phases of Construction of the Southern Andes Basement in Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic Timeseng
dc.typebook partspa
dc.relation.projectIDTORANDES (CGL2012-38396-C03)

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