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Complex Impedance Transformers Based on Branch-Line Hybrid Couplers

dc.contributor.authorAlcón García, Pablo 
dc.contributor.authorEsparza López, Nuria 
dc.contributor.authorHerrán Ontañón, Luis Fernando 
dc.contributor.authorLas Heras Andrés, Fernando Luis
dc.identifier.citationProgress in Electromagnetics Research C, 69, p. 147-157 (2016); doi:10.2528/PIERC16091501
dc.description.abstractA topology, equations and design methodology for complex impedance-transforming branch-line hybrid couplers are presented. This method also allows the realization of real impedancetransforming to higher impedances. Limitations for real, imaginary and complex impedances are discussed. Test results are shown for a 3 dB 50 to 450 Ω hybrid coupler, at a 2 GHz center frequency, with a 21% bandwidth, an amplitude balance of 4.35 ± 1 dB and a phase balance of 92.16◦ ± 8.8◦. To showcase the complex impedance scenario, two 3 dB 50 Ω to 70 − 200j Ω are measured at a 2 GHz center frequency. One of these couplers uses a technique for reducing the chip size, yielding a 22.5% bandwidth, 4 ± 0.9 dB amplitude balance and 93.22◦ ± 6.74◦ phase balance, while accomplishing a 25% size reductionspa
dc.description.sponsorshipPrincipado de Asturias, Plan de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (PCTI): BP12-032 y BP13-042. Ministerio de Economía e Innovación (España): proyecto TEC2014-54005-P (MIRIIEM). Principado de Asturias-FEDER: GRUPIN14-114spa
dc.format.extentp. 147-157spa
dc.relation.ispartofProgress in Electromagnetics Research C, 69spa
dc.rightsCC Reconocimiento - No comercial - Sin obras derivadas 4.0 Internacional
dc.subjectHybrid couplerspa
dc.titleComplex Impedance Transformers Based on Branch-Line Hybrid Couplersspa
dc.typejournal articlespa
dc.relation.projectIDPrincipado de Asturias/BP12-032 y BP13-042 (PCTI)spa
dc.relation.projectIDPrincipado de Asturias-FEDER/GRUPIN14-114
dc.rights.accessRightsopen accessspa

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CC Reconocimiento - No comercial - Sin obras derivadas 4.0 Internacional
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