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Differences in soluble COD and ammonium when applying inverted phase fermentation to primary, secondary and mixed sludge

dc.contributor.authorNegral Álvarez, Luis 
dc.contributor.authorMarañón Maison, María Elena 
dc.contributor.authorCastrillón Peláez, Leonor 
dc.contributor.authorFernández Nava, Yolanda
dc.identifier.citationWater Science and Technology, 72(8), p. 1390-1397 (2015); doi:10.2166/wst.2015.351
dc.description.abstractPrimary, secondary and mixed sludge were treated by inverted phase fermentation. This treatment results in solid–liquid separation of sludge after endogenous enzymatic hydrolysis (anaerobic conditions: 42°C, 48 hours). The soluble chemical oxygen demand (sCOD) was increased in the solid phase up to 1,800%, 21,300% and 260% in primary, secondary and mixed sludge, respectively. The corresponding increase in sCOD in the liquid phase accordingly reached values of up to 440%, 5,100% and 140%. Phase separation led to an enrichment of volatile solids in the solid phase (89–358% primary sludge, 80–102% secondary sludge and 29–133% mixed sludge). The NH4+-N values increased notably after the endogenous enzymatic hydrolysis itself. To investigate the short-term evolution following the treatment, the variation in sCOD, NH4+-N and solids was also monitored after keeping the hydrolysate at 37°C under anaerobic conditions for 24 hours. This stage showed no generalized pattern in terms of sCODspa
dc.description.sponsorshipThe research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-ENV.2010.3.1.1–2 ENV) under Grant Agreement no. 265269spa
dc.format.extentp. 1390-1397spa
dc.publisherIWA Publishingspa
dc.relation.ispartofWater Science and Technology, 72(8)spa
dc.rights© IWA Publishing
dc.rightsCC Reconocimiento - No comercial - Sin obras derivadas 4.0 Internacional
dc.titleDifferences in soluble COD and ammonium when applying inverted phase fermentation to primary, secondary and mixed sludgespa
dc.typejournal articlespa
dc.relation.projectIDFP7-ENV.2010.3.1.1–2 ENV under Grant Agreement no. 265269spa
dc.rights.accessRightsembargoed accessspa

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