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Legislación española de residuos sólidos

dc.contributor.authorCastrillón Peláez, Leonor 
dc.contributor.authorMarañón Maison, María Elena 
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez Iglesias, Jesús Avelino
dc.identifier.citationResiduos, 60, p. 76-85 (2001)
dc.description.abstractA review is made of the regulations in the field of solid wastes with the aim of providing a useful working tool for those entities that generate or manage some type of waste. The coming into force of the current Spanish Waste Law establishes common regulations for all wastes, substituting all previous Municipal Waste and Toxic and Dangerous Waste Laws. For resasons of grater practical applicability, we have preferred in this paper to classify wastes on the basis of their characteristics. The regulations are thus presented in a series of sections: municipal waste, dangerous waste, sewage plant sludge, cattle waste and specific risk materials, highlighting in each case those areas of the regulations thar are of greater interest for the producers and managers of solid
dc.format.extentp. 76-85spa
dc.publisherOposiciones y Concursos, Bilbao
dc.relation.ispartofResiduos, 60spa
dc.subjectResiduos urbanosspa
dc.subjectResiduos peligrososspa
dc.subjectResiduos específicosspa
dc.titleLegislación española de residuos sólidosspa

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