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Biochemical and genetic analysis of an alpha-mannosidase mutant from Saccharomyces cerevisiae

dc.contributor.authorCueva Noval, María Rosario
dc.contributor.authorBordallo Landa, María del Carmen 
dc.contributor.authorSuárez Rendueles, María Paz
dc.identifier.citationFEMS Microbiology Letters , 57 (1-2), p. 153-157 (1990); doi:10.1016/0378-1097(90)90430-X
dc.description.abstractA yeast mutant lacking non-specific α-mannosidase activity was found as a background marker during our search for dap2 mutants (Suárez-Rendueles, P. and Wolf, D.H. (1987) J. Bacteriol. 169, 4041–4048). The mutant (DPS-15) is characterized in detail. The mutation called amd1 segregates 2:2 in meiotic tetrads, indicating a single chromosomal gene mutation which is recessive. Diploids heterozygous for amd1 show gene dosage. Thus, it appears that AMD1 might be the structural gene for α-mannosidase. Results obtained with this mutant show that α-mannosidase is not a vital component of the vegetative cell cycle. The differentiation process of sporulation is not disturbed in homozygous mutant diploids. Mannose turnover does not seem to be altered in mutant cellsen
dc.format.extentp. 153-157spa
dc.relation.ispartofFEMS Microbiology Letters , 57 (1-2)en
dc.titleBiochemical and genetic analysis of an alpha-mannosidase mutant from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeen

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