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Turing instability analysis of a singular cross-diffusion problem

dc.contributor.authorGaliano Casas, Gonzalo 
dc.contributor.authorGonzález Tabernero, Víctor
dc.identifier.citationGaliano Casas, G. y González Tabernero, V. (2021) Turing instability analysis of a singular cross-diffusion problem. En Gallego, R. y Mateos, M.(editores) Proceedings of the XXVI Congreso de Ecuaciones Diferenciales y Aplicaciones. XVI Congreso de Matemática Aplicada (pp. 184-191). Oviedo : Universidad de Oviedo, Servicio de Publicaciones
dc.description.abstractThe population model of Busenberg and Travis is a paradigmatic model in ecology and tumour modelling due to its ability to capture interesting phenomena like the segregation of populations. Its singular mathematical structure enforces the consideration of regularized problems to deduce properties as fundamental as the existence of solutions. In this article we perform a weakly nonlinear stability analisys of a general class of regularized problems to study the convergence of the instability modes in the limit of the regularization parameter. We demonstrate with some specific examples that the pattern formation observed in the regularized problems, with unbounded wave numbers, is not present in the limit problem due to the amplitude decay of the oscillations. We also check the results of the stability analysis with direct finite element simulations of the problem. In this short communication, we omit the proofs of our
dc.description.sponsorshipFirst author supported by the Spanish MEC Project MTM2017-87162-P.
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dc.titleTuring instability analysis of a singular cross-diffusion problemspa
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