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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Comparative geometric mechanics of animal locomotion in dissipative environmentsRieser, J. M.; Astley, H. C.; Gong, C.; Chong, B.; Schiebel, P. E.; Rankin, J. W.; Michel, K.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J. R.; Hatton, R. L.; Choset, H.; Goldman, D. I.
2017Comparative high-density linkage mapping reveals conserved genome structure but variation in levels of heterochiasmy and location of recombination cold spots in the common frogPalomar García, Gemma; Ahmad, F.; Vasemägi, A.; Matsuba, Chikako; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Cano Arias, José Manuel
2003Compensatory growth in fishes: a response to growth depressionAli, Muhammad; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Wootton, R. J.
2005Compensatory response 'defends' energy levels but not growth trajectories in brown trout, Salmo trutta L.Álvarez Fernández, David; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2010Constrained plasticity in switching across life stages: Pre- and post-switch predators elicit early hatchingCapellán Montoto, Elisa; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2010Contrasting effects of environmental factors during larval stage on morphological plasticity in post-metamorphic frogsTejedo Madueño, Miguel; Marangoni, Federico; Pertoldi, Cino; Richter-Boix, Alex; Laurila, Anssi; Orizaola Pereda, Germán; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Álvarez Fernández, David; Gómez Mestre, Iván
2017Coordinated Body Bending Improves Performance of a Salamander-like RobotOzkan Aydin, Y.; Rieser, J. M.; Gong, C.; Michel, K.; Rankin, J.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J. R.; Choset, H.; Goldman, D. I.
19-Jul-2002Diferenciación de poblaciones de trucha común (salmo trutta l.) procedentes de ambientes térmicos contrastadosCano Arias, José Manuel
2009Differential success of prey escaping predators: Tadpole vulnerability or predator selection?Álvarez Fernández, David; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
18-Oct-2019Diversity and modes of reproduction in Salamandra salamandra: morphological and evolutionary implications in a polymorphic speciesAlarcón Ríos, Lucía
27-Jul-2017Diving into the amphibian genome: Genetic architecture of larval life history traitsPalomar García, Gemma
1993Estrategias de desarrollo y reproducción en el salmón atlántico, salmo salar l.González Nicieza, Alfredo César
30-Jan-2014Estructura genética de las poblaciones cantábricas de Salamandra salamandra: influencia de la matriz y factores topográficosLucía, Alarcón Ríos
2019Evolutionary History and Not Heterochronic Modifications Associated with Viviparity Drive Head Shape Differentiation in a Reproductive Polymorphic Species, Salamandra salamandraAlarcón Ríos, Lucía; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Kaliontzopoulou, A.; Buckley, D.; Velo Antón, G.
2013An experiment-based assessment of the feasibility of the CO2 geological storage in unexploited coal beds in northern SpainGonzález Nicieza, Alfredo César; Álvarez Fernández, Martina Inmaculada; Prendes Gero, María Belén; Pizarro García, Consuelo; Oliva González, Aldo O.
2006Factors determining tadpole vulnerability to predators: Can prior experience compensate for a suboptimal shape?Álvarez Fernández, David; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
28-Jul-2014Genetic variation and local adaptations of Rana temporia in the Cantabrian MountainChoda, Magdalena
2017Geometric mechanics applied to tetrapod locomotion on granular mediaOzkan Aydin, Y.; Chong, B.; Gong, C.; Rieser, J. M.; Rankin, J. W.; Michel, K.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J.; Choset, H.; Goldman, D. I.
2018Geometric mechanics provides insight into spine-limb coordination for locomotion of a sprawled-postured tetrapodChong, B.; Aydin, Y. O.; Hubbard, A. M.; Rieser, J. M.; Wu, Y.; Gong, C.; Rankin, J. W.; Michel, K.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J. R.; Goldman, D. I.; Choset, H.
2018Hindered and constrained: limited potential for thermal adaptation in post-metamorphic and adult Rana temporaria along elevational gradientsEnríquez Urcelai, Eder Urtzi; Palacio, Antonio S.; Merino, Natalia M.; Sacco, Martina; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
Showing results 4 to 23 of 39


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