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Use of high doses of folic acid supplements in pregnant women in Spain: an INMA cohort study

dc.contributor.authorNavarrete Muñoz, Eva María
dc.contributor.authorValera Gran, Desirée
dc.contributor.authorGarcía de la Hera, Manuela
dc.contributor.authorGiménez Monzo, Daniel
dc.contributor.authorMorales, Eva
dc.contributor.authorJulvez, Jordi
dc.contributor.authorRiaño Galán, Isolina 
dc.contributor.authorTardón García, Adonina 
dc.contributor.authorIbarluzea Maurolagoitia, Jesús María
dc.contributor.authorSanta Marina, Loreto
dc.contributor.authorMurcia Hinarejos, Mario
dc.contributor.authorRebagliato Ruso, María Luisa
dc.contributor.authorVioque López, Jesús
dc.identifier.citationBmj Open, 5(11), p. e009202- (2015); doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009202
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was funded by grants from Instituto de Salud Carlos III and Spanish Ministry of Health (Red INMA G03/176; CB06/02/0041; FIS 97/ 0588; 00/0021–2, PI061756; PS0901958; FIS-FEDER 03/1615, 04/1509, 04/1112, 04/1931, 05/1079, 05/1052, 06/1213, 07/0314; 09/02647;FIS-PI041436, FIS-PI081151, FIS-PI06/0867; FIS-PS09/00090, FIS-PI042018, FIS-PI09 02311, FIS PI11/01007, FISPI13/02429) Universidad de Oviedo, Conselleria de Sanitat Generalitat Valenciana, Generalitat de Catalunya-CIRIT 1999SGR 00241, Department of Health of the Basque Government(2005111093 and 2009111069) and the Provincial Government of Guipuzcoa (DFG06/004 and DFG08/001
dc.format.extentp. e009202-
dc.relation.ispartofBmj Open
dc.rights© The authors
dc.rightsCC Reconocimiento - No comercial 4.0 Internacional
dc.titleUse of high doses of folic acid supplements in pregnant women in Spain: an INMA cohort study
dc.typejournal article
dc.relation.projectIDISCIII/INMA G03/176
dc.relation.projectIDISCIII/FIS-FEDER 03/1615
dc.rights.accessRightsopen access

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