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On the Fly Query Segmentation Using Snippets

dc.contributor.authorBrenes Martínez, David José spa
dc.contributor.authorGayo Avello, Daniel spa
dc.contributor.authorGarcía Suárez, Rodrigospa
dc.descriptionI Congreso Español de Recuperación de Información, Madrid, 2010spa
dc.description.abstractOne of the most important issues in Information Retrieval is inferring the intents underlying users' queries, and query segmentantion, provided it is done fast, can be a valuable tool. Such techniques usually rely on a prior training phase involving large datasets. A costly process, specially in environments which are increasingly moving towards real time scenarios where latency to retrieve fresh informacion should be minimal. In this paper an 'on-the-fly' query segmentation method is proposed. It uses snippets which are later mined by means of a naive statistical algorithm. An initial evaluation of such a method is provided, in addition to a discussion on its applicability to different
dc.titleOn the Fly Query Segmentation Using Snippetseng

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