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Title: Maternal pre-pregnancy obesity and neuropsychological development in pre-school children: a prospective cohort study
Author(s): Casas, Maribel
Forns, Joan
Martínez, David
Guxens, Mónica
Fernández Somoano, Ana
Ibarluzea, Jesús
Lertxundi Manterola, Nerea
Murcia Hinarejos, Mario
Rebagliato Ruso, María Luisa
Tardón García, Adonina
Sunyer, Jordi
Vrijheid, Martine
Issue date: 2017
Publisher version: http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/pr.2017.118
Citation: Pediatric Research, 82(4), p. 596-606 (2017); doi:10.1038/pr.2017.118
Abstract: Background Maternal pre-pregnancy obesity may impair infant neuropsychological development, but it is unclear whether intrauterine or confounding factors drive this association. Methods We assessed whether maternal pre-pregnancy obesity was associated with neuropsychological development in 1,827 Spanish children. At 5 years, cognitive and psychomotor development was assessed using McCarthy Scales of Children’s Abilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms using the Criteria of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and autism spectrum disorder symptoms using the Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test. Models were adjusted for sociodemographic factors and maternal intelligence quotient. We used paternal obesity as negative control exposure as it involves the same source of confounding than maternal obesity. Results The percentage of obese mothers and fathers was 8% and 12%, respectively. In unadjusted models, children of obese mothers had lower scores than children of normal weight mothers in all McCarthy subscales. After adjustment, only the verbal subscale remained statistically significantly reduced (β: −2.8; 95% confidence interval: −5.3, −0.2). No associations were observed among obese fathers. Maternal and paternal obesity were associated with an increase in ADHD-related symptoms. Parental obesity was not associated with autism symptoms
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10651/43500
ISSN: 0031-3998
Sponsored: INMA-Asturias: This study was funded by grants from Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Red INMA G03/176 and CB06/02/0041), FIS-PI0/42018, FIS-PI09/02311, FIS-PI13/02429, incl. FEDER founds, Obra Social Cajastur/Fundación Liberbank and Universidad de Oviedo. INMA-Gipuzkoa: This study was funded by grants from Instituto de Salud Carlos III (FIS-PI06/0867, FIS-PS09/00090 and FIS-PI13/02187), Department of Health of the Basque Government (2005111093, 2009111069, and 2013111089), the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa (DFG06/004 and DFG08/001), and annual agreements with the municipalities in the study area (Zumarraga, Urretxu, Legazpi, Azkoitia, Azpeitia, and Beasain). INMA-Sabadell: This study was funded by grants from Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Red INMA G03/176, CB06/02/0041, PI041436, PI081151, PI15/00118 incl. FEDER founds), Generalitat de Catalunya-CIRIT 1999SGR 00241, Fundació La marató de TV3 (090430). INMA-Valencia: This study was funded by grants from European Union (FP7-ENV-2011 cod 282957 and HEALTH.2010.2.4.5-1), and from Spain: Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Red INMA G03/176, CB06/02/0041, FIS-FEDER 03/1615, 04/1509, 04/1112, 04/1931, 05/1079, 05/1052, 06/1213, 07/0314, 09/02647, 11/0178, 11/01007, 11/02591, 11/02038, 13/1944, 13/2032, 14/0891, and 14/1687) and the Conselleria de Sanitat, Generalitat Valenciana. Mònica Guxens and Maribel Casas are funded by a Miguel Servet fellowship (MS13/00054 and MS16/00128, respectively) awarded by the Spanish Institute of Health Carlos III (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).
Project id.: Red INMA G03/176
Red INMA CB06/02/0041
FIS PI09/02311
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