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Title: Reef building Mediterranean vermetid gastropods: Disentangling the Dendropoma petraeum species complex
Author(s): Templado, J.
Richter, Alexandra
Calvo Díaz, María Alejandra
Issue date: 2015
Publisher version: http://dx.doi.org/10.12681/mms.1333
Citation: Mediterranean Marine Science, 17(1), p. 13-31 (2015); doi:10.12681/mms.1333
Format extent: p. 13-31
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10651/40077
ISSN: 1108-393X
Sponsored: We are grateful to the following colleagues and organizations for providing support or samples: P. J. Schembri, J. Guallart, O. Ocana, DK Kersting, D. Scuderi, C. Megina, J. Zapata, and A. Machordom, the staff of the Biological Station of the Chafarinas Islands, Organismo Autonomo de Parques Nacionales (Spanish Ministry of Environment) and the "Direccion General de Conservacion de la Naturaleza". We would like to thank also D. Scuderi, R. Bieler and E. Strong for the revision of a first version of this article and for their constructive suggestions and input. Marco Oliverio, Renato Chemello and Stefano Schiaparelli provided some comments and suggestions as editor and reviewers respectively that greatly improved the paper. N. Yonow corrected the English. This study was supported by BBVA Foundation and by the projects CGL2011-23306 (from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation), and COCONET (''Towards COast to COast NETworks of marine protected areas, coupled with sea-based wind energy potential'') from the VII FP of the European Commission. Part of the research was also supported by an ES-TAF-3701 Synthesis grant to the second author, who acknowledges Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales for allowing access and use of the research infrastructure. We also thank the" Direccion General de Conservacion de la Naturaleza" of the Spanish Ministry of Environment.
Project id.: CGL2011-23306
COCONET from VII FP of the European Commission
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