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Title: Iberian Odonata distribution: data of the BOS Arthropod Collection (University of Oviedo, Spain)
Author(s): Torralba Burrial, Antonio
Ocharan Larrondo, Francisco Javier
Issue date: Jun-2013
Publisher version: http://dx.doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.306.5289
Citation: Zook3ys, 306, p. 37-58 (2013); doi:10.3897/zookeys.306.5289
Format extent: p. 37-58
Abstract: Odonata are represented from the Iberian Peninsula by 79 species. However, there exists a significant gap in accessible knowledge about these species, especially regarding their distribution. This data paper describes the specimen-based Odonata data of the Arthropod Collection of the Department of Biología de Organismos y Sistemas (BOS), University of Oviedo, Spain. The specimens were mainly collected from the Iberian Peninsula (98.63% of the data records), especially the northern region. The earliest specimen deposited in the collection dates back to 1950, while the 1980’s and 2000’s are the best-represented time periods. Between 1950 and 2009, 16,604 Odonata specimens were deposited and are documented in the dataset. Approximately 20% of the specimens belong to the families Coenagrionidae and Calopterygidae. Specimens include the holotype and paratypes of the Iberian subspecies Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis asturica Ocharan, 1983 and Sympetrum vulgatum ibericum Ocharan, 1985. The complete dataset is also provided in Darwin Core Archive format.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10651/17721
ISSN: 1313-2970
Sponsored: MICINN, Spanish Government, grant ref. PTA2010-4108-I
Project id.: MICINN/PTA2010-4108-I
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