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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Two gothic feminist texts: Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and the film The Piano by Jane CampionPérez Ríu, Carmen
2009Two gynandromorphs of Sympetrum striolatum (Charpentier, 1840) (Odonata: Libellulidae)Torralba Burrial, Antonio; Ocharan Larrondo, Francisco Javier
2018The two main olfactory receptor families in drosophila, ORs and IRs: A comparative approachGómez Díaz, Carolina; Martín López, José Fernando; García Fernández, José Manuel; Alcorta Azcue, Esther
2020Two octahedral σ-borane metal (MnI and RuII) complexes containing a tripod κ3N,H,H-ligand: Synthesis, structural characterization, and theoretical topological study of the charge densityVan der Maelen Uría, Juan Francisco; Brugos Laviana, Javier; García Álvarez, Pablo; Cabeza de Marco, Javier Ángel
1996A two parameter fracture criterion for high strength low carbon steelBetegón Biempica, María Covadonga; Belzunce Varela, Francisco Javier; Rodríguez González, Cristina
2008Two-particle momentum correlations in jets produced in pp¯ collisions at s=1.96TeVAaltonen, T.; Adelman, J.; Akimoto, T.; Cuevas Maestro, Francisco Javier
2019Two phosphonium cation-based ionic liquids as lubricant additive to a polyalphaolefin base oilGonzález Rodríguez, Rubén; Viesca Rodríguez, José Luis; Hernández Battez, Antolín Esteban; Hadfield, M.; Fernández González, Alfonso; Bartolomé Sáez, Marlene
2017Two phosphonium cation-based ionic liquids used as lubricant additive: Part I: Film thickness and friction characteristicsHernández Battez, Antolín Esteban; Fernandes, Carlos M. C. G.; Martins, Ramiro C.; Bartolomé Sáez, Marlene; González Rodríguez, Rubén; Seabra, Jorge H. O.
2017Two phosphonium cation-based ionic liquids used as lubricant additive. Part II: Tribofilm analysis and friction torque loss in cylindrical roller thrust bearings at constant temperatureHernández Battez, Antolín Esteban; Fernandes, Carlos M. C. G.; Martins, Ramiro C.; Graça, Beatriz M.; Anand, Mayank; Blanco Alonso, David; Seabra, Jorge H. O.
2018Two planetary systems with transiting Earth-sized and super-Earth planets orbiting late-type dwarf starsDíez Alonso, Enrique; González Hernández, J. I.; Suárez Gómez, Sergio Luis; González Gutiérrez, Carlos; González-Nuevo González, Joaquín; Cos Juez, Francisco Javier de
1999A two-plasmid system for the glycosylation of polyketide antibiotics: Bioconversion of e-rhodomycinone to rhodomycin DOlano Álvarez, Carlos; Lomovskaya, N.; Fonstein, L.; Roll, J. T.; Hutchinson, C. R.
2017Two-sample similarity test for the expected value of random intervalsRamos Guajardo, Ana Belén; Blanco Fernández, Ángela
2015Two species of vortices in massive gauged non-linear sigma modelsAlonso Izquierdo, Alberto; García Fuertes, Wifredo; Mateos Guilarte, Juan
2012Two-stage approach for electricity consumption forecasting in public buildingsMorán Álvarez, Antonio; Prada Medrano, Miguel Ángel; Alonso Castro, Serafín; Barrientes Fernández, Pablo; Fuertes Martínez, Juan José; Domínguez González, Manuel; Díaz Blanco, Ignacio
2019The two-stage assembly flowshop scheduling problem with buffersAndrés Romano, Carlos; Maheut, Julien
2017A two-stage DEA approach for quantifying and analysing the inefficiency of conventional and organic rain-fed cereals in SpainGutiérrez, Ester; Aguilera, Eduardo; Lozano Segura, Sebastián; Guzmán, Gloria I.
2018Two-step magnetization reversal FORC fingerprint of coupled bi-segmented Ni/Co magnetic nanowire arraysGarcía Fernández, Javier; Vega Martínez, Víctor; Thomas, A.; Prida Pidal, Víctor Manuel de la; Nielsch, K.
2018Two-Storey building model for testing some vibration mitigation devicesGarcía Terán, J. M.; Magdaleno, A.; Infantino, V.; Lorenzana, A.
2015Two Streptomyces Species Producing Antibiotic, Antitumor, and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds Are Widespread Among Intertidal Macroalgae and Deep-Sea Coral Reef Invertebrates from the Central Cantabrian SeaFernández Braña, Alfredo Javier; Fiedler, Hans Peter; Nava Fernández, Herminio Severiano; González Iglesias, Verónica; Sarmiento Vizcaíno, Aida; Molina Ramírez, Axayacatl; Acuña Fernández, José Luis; García Díaz, Luis Arsenio; Blanco Blanco, María Gloria
2019Two Types of σ-Allenyl Complexes from Reactions of Silylenes and Germylenes with Chromium Fischer Alkynyl(alkoxy)carbenesCabeza de Marco, Javier Ángel; García Álvarez, Pablo; Gómez Gallego, Mar; González Álvarez, Laura; Durán Merinero, Alba; Sierra, Miguel A.
Showing results 46131 to 46150 of 48203


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