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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effect of internal and external conditions on ionization processes in the FAPA ambient desorption/ionization sourceOrejas Ibáñez, Jaime; Pfeuffer, K. P.; Ray, S. J.; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Sanz Medel, Alfredo; Hieftje, Gary M.
2018Estimating contributions from nursery areas to fish stocks in freshwater systems using otolith fingerprints: The case of the streaked prochilod in the La Plata Basin (South America)Avigliano, Esteban; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Sánchez, S.; Dománico, A.; Volpedo, A. V.
1-Feb-2013Estudio de la distribución espacial y temporal de las especies excitadas en plasmas de descargas luminiscentesValledor González, Rebeca
Jul-2013Evaluación preliminar de una metodología innovadora para el análisis cuantitativo de muestras sólidas en plasmas de descargas luminiscentes (GD)Fandiño Rodríguez, Jonatan
2010Evaluation of a glow discharge chamber coupled to time of flight mass spectrometry for the analysis of small gas volumes and bubbles in glassGonzález Gago, Cristina; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Pereiro García, María Rosario; Bordel García, Nerea; Mazón Ramos, Pedro; Sanz Medel, Alfredo
2011Evaluation of pulsed radiofrequency glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry for precious metal determination in lead fire assay buttonsCompernolle, Sien; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea; Wambeke, Dorine; Raedt, Ine de; Kimpe, Kristof; Sanz Medel, Alfredo; Vanhaecke, Frank
2017An exploratory study of the potential of LIBS for visualizing gunshot residue patternsLópez López, María; Álvarez Llamas, César; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; García Ruiz, Carmen; Bordel García, Nerea
2008Femtosecond Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and Capabilities for Depth Profiling AnalysisPisonero Castro, Jorge; Guenther, Detlef
2016A flowing atmospheric pressure afterglow as an ion source coupled to a differential mobility analyzer for volatile organic compound detectionBouza Areces, Marcos; Orejas Ibáñez, Jaime; López Vidal, S.; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea; Pereiro García, María Rosario; Sanz Medel, Alfredo
2013Further insights into prepeak emission in pulsed radiofrequency glow dischargeValledor González, Rebeca; Vega Reguilón, Paola; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Nelis, Thomas; Bordel García, Nerea
2015Holocene flood frequency reconstruction from speleothems in northern SpainGonzález Lemos, Saúl; Müller, Wolfgang; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Cheng, Hai; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Stoll, Heather Marie
2012An improved analytical performance of magnetically boosted radiofrequency glow dischargeVega Reguilón, Paola; Valledor González, Rebeca; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea
2019Improving the analytical performance of pulsed-GD-SFMS for multi-elemental depth profile analysis of heat-treated Zn coatings on extruded aluminiumPisonero Castro, Jorge; Fandiño Rodríguez, Jonatan; Nordlien, J. H.; Richter, S.; Pfeifer, J.; Quarles, C. D.; González, Jhanis; Jakubowski, N.; Bordel García, Nerea
2014Investigation of the spatial and temporal distribution of plasma excited species produced in laser ablation-glow dischargeValledor González, Rebeca; Tarik, Mohamed; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea; Guenther, Detlef
2012An ion source for radiofrequency-pulsed glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometryGonzález Gago, Cristina; Lobo Revilla, Lara; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea; Pereiro García, María Rosario; Sanz Medel, Alfredo
2017Migration and brackish environment use of Prochilodus lineatus (Characiformes: Prochilodontidae) inferred by Sr:Ca ratio transects of otolithAvigliano, Esteban; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Dománico, Alejandro; Sánchez, Sebastián; Volpedo, Alejandra V.
2011Minor elements determination and evaluation of diffusion/segregation effects on ultra-thin layers using pulsed-RF-GD-TOFMSPisonero Castro, Jorge; Licciardello, Antonino; Hierro Rodríguez, Aurelio; Quirós Fernández, Carlos; Sanz Medel, Alfredo; Bordel García, Nerea
2019Mixed-stock and discriminant models use for assessing recruitment sources of estuarine fish populations in la Plata Basin (South America)Avigliano, E.; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea; Dománico, A.; Volpedo, A.V.
2017A novel approach for quantitative LIBS fluorine analysis using CaF emission in calcium-free samplesÁlvarez Llamas, César; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Bordel García, Nerea
2018A novel gas sampling introduction interface for fast analysis of volatile organic compounds using radiofrequency pulsed glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometryFandiño Rodríguez, Jonatan; Bouza Areces, Marcos; Pisonero Castro, Jorge; Martínez Blanco, David; Sanz Medel, Alfredo; Bordel García, Nerea
Showing results 24 to 43 of 68


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