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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Finite element analysis of a variable inductor for an RSCC based LED lamp driverPerdigão, M. S.; Ferreira, S. F.; Martins, M.; Mendes, A. S.; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos
2005A fluorescent lamp electronic ballast for railway applications based on low-cost microcontrollerAlonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Cardesín Miranda, Jesús; Calleja Rodríguez, Antonio Javier; Rico Secades, Manuel; García García, Jorge
2015Four-Parameter Taylor Series-Based Light-Emitting-Diode ModelLin, Ray-Lee; Tsai, Jhong-Yan; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Gacio Vaquero, David
2018Fuzzy Logic Control with Improved Algorithm for Integrated LED DriversOsorio Sánchez, René; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Vázquez, N.; Pinto, S. E.; Sorcia, F.; Martínez, M.; Barrera, L.
2019Guest editorial: Advanced technologies utilised in wireless power transfer systemsWang, Y.; Mi, C. C.; Madawala, U. K.; Michael Tse, C. K.; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos
2018A Hardware Emulator for OLED Panels Applied to Lighting SystemsBender, Victor C.; Barth, Norton D.; Mendes, Fernanda B.; Pinto, Rafael A.; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Marchesan, Tiago B.
2010HID lamps fed with square waveforms: Dimming and frequency effects on stability, current crest factor, and power factorEnríquez, Eumir D.; Ponce Silva, Mario; Cotorogea, María; Osorio Sánchez, René; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos
2019High-Efficient High-Power-Factor Off-Line LED Driver based on Integrated Buck and Boost ConverterZaki Guirguis Abdelmessih, Guirguis; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Tsai, W. T.; Dalla Costa, M. A.
2010High frequency PWM dimming technique for high power factor converters in LED lightingGacio Vaquero, David; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; García García, Jorge; Campa Monteserín, Lidia; Crespo Ramos, Mario; Rico Secades, Manuel
1994A high frequency supply system for low power halogen cycle lampsBlanco Viejo, Cecilio José; López Corominas, Emilio Ramón; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Villegas Saiz, Pedro José; González, A.; Fernández, I.; Rico Secades, Manuel
2003High Frequency Testing and Modeling of Silent Discharge Ozone GeneratorsAlonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Valdés, Marcelo E.; Calleja Rodríguez, Antonio Javier; Ribas Bueno, Javier; Losada, Juan Carlos
2017High-Performance LED DriversWang, Yijie; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Ruan, Xinbo
16-Apr-2008High power factor integrated electronic ballast for feeding lamps of high pressure discharging, has converter gearbox setback for power factor correction, and another to control power of lamp, and output converter setback coil is providedDalla Costa, Marco Antônio; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Cardesín Miranda, Jesús; García García, Jorge; Rico Secades, Manuel
2017A high-power-factor integrated-stage AC-DC LED driver based on flyback-class e converterZhang, S.; Qiu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Liu, X.; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Xu, D.
2015High-power-factor LED driver based on input current shaper using a flyback converterGindri Pereira, Guilherme; De Melo, Maicol Flores; Dalla Costa, Marco Antônio; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos
2013High-power-factor light-emitting diode lamp power supply without electrolytic capacitors for high-pressure-sodium lamp retrofit applicationsAlonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Calleja Rodríguez, Antonio Javier; Gacio Vaquero, David; Cardesín Miranda, Jesús; López Corominas, Emilio Ramón; Dalla Costa, Marco Antônio; Da Silva, Marcelo Feitas; Do Prado, Ricardo Nederson
2011High-power-factor street lighting system to supply LEDs without energy consumption during the peak load timePinto, Rafael Adaime; Cosetin, Marcelo Rafael; Roncalio, João Gilberto Pinheiro; Melo, Maicol Flores de; Bandeira Marchesan, Tiago; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Dalla Costa, Marco Antônio; Prado, Ricardo Nederson do
2009High-voltage closed-loop power supply for ozone generatorsAlonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Ordiz Salán, Juan Carlos
2009High-voltage power supply for ozone generation based on piezoelectric transformerAlonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Ordiz Salán, Juan Carlos; Dalla Costa, Marco Antônio; Ribas Bueno, Javier; Cardesín Miranda, Jesús
1997An improved electronic transformer for low-power halogen cycle lampsBlanco Viejo, Cecilio José; Villegas Saiz, Pedro José; López Corominas, Emilio Ramón; Alonso Álvarez, José Marcos; Rico Secades, Manuel
Showing results 111 to 130 of 261


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