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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Factors determining tadpole vulnerability to predators: Can prior experience compensate for a suboptimal shape?Álvarez Fernández, David; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
28-Jul-2014Genetic variation and local adaptations of Rana temporia in the Cantabrian MountainChoda, Magdalena
2017Geometric mechanics applied to tetrapod locomotion on granular mediaOzkan Aydin, Y.; Chong, B.; Gong, C.; Rieser, J. M.; Rankin, J. W.; Michel, K.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J.; Choset, H.; Goldman, D. I.
2018Geometric mechanics provides insight into spine-limb coordination for locomotion of a sprawled-postured tetrapodChong, B.; Aydin, Y. O.; Hubbard, A. M.; Rieser, J. M.; Wu, Y.; Gong, C.; Rankin, J. W.; Michel, K.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Hutchinson, J. R.; Goldman, D. I.; Choset, H.
2018Hindered and constrained: limited potential for thermal adaptation in post-metamorphic and adult Rana temporaria along elevational gradientsEnríquez Urcelai, Eder Urtzi; Palacio, Antonio S.; Merino, Natalia M.; Sacco, Martina; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
14-Nov-2002Implicaciones del comportamiento y fisiología individuales en el ciclo de vida y dinámica poblacional de la trucha común (Salmo truta L.)Álvarez Fernández, David
11-May-2018Integrating ecophysiology, complex life histories, and niche models to forecast the impact of climate change: a mechanistic assessment of the vulnerability of European common frogs (ran temporaria)Enríquez Urcelai, Eder Urtzi
2019Integrating mechanistic and correlative niche models to unravel range-limiting processes in a temperate amphibianEnríquez Urcelai, Eder Urtzi; Kearney, M. R.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Tingley, R.
2019Mapping of quantitative trait loci for life history traits segregating within common frog populationsPalomar García, Gemma; Vasemägi, A.; Ahmad, F.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Cano Arias, José Manuel
2006Microgeographic variation in metabolic rate and energy storage of brown trout: Countergradient selection or thermal sensitivity?Álvarez Fernández, David; Cano Arias, José Manuel; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
19-Jan-2016Morphological disparity, metabolic rate, and dispersal in mountain populations of Brown trout (Salmo trutta L.)Sánchez González, Jorge Rubén
2015Neighbouring populations, opposite dynamics: influence of body size and environmental variation on the demography of stream-resident brown trout (Salmo trutta)Fernández Chacón, Albert; Genovart, Meritxell; Álvarez Fernández, David; Cano Arias, José Manuel; Ojanguren, Alfredo F.; Rodríguez Muñoz, Rolando; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2019Ontogenetic reduction in thermal tolerance is not alleviated by earlier developmental acclimation in Rana temporariaEnríquez Urcelai, Eder Urtzi; Sacco M.; Palacio A.S.; Pintanel P.; Tejedo, M.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2006Potencial de evolución de defensas inducibles en la fase embrionaria y larvaria de Rana temporariaCapellán Montoto, Elisa
2012Predicting blasting propagation velocity and vibration frequency using artificial neural networksÁlvarez Vigil, Arturo Ernesto; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; López Gayarre, Fernando; Álvarez Fernández, Martina Inmaculada
2018A rapid rate of sex-chromosome turnover and non-random transitions in true frogsJeffries, Daniel L.; Lavanchy, Guillaume; Sermier, Roberto; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2000Reproducción y desarrollo larvario en una población anádroma de lamprea marina (petromyzon marinus l.)Rodríguez Muñoz, Rolando
2014Sperm competitiveness differs between two frog populations with different breeding systemsÁlvarez Fernández, David; Viesca Lombardía, Leticia; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2009Statistical analysis of structural compensatory growth: How can we reduce the rate of false detection?González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Álvarez Fernández, David
2016Testing the climate variability hypothesis in thermal tolerance limits of tropical and temperate tadpolesGutiérrez Pesquera, Luis Miguel; Tejedo Madueño, Miguel; Olalla Tárraga, M. A.; Duarte, H.; González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Solé, M.
Showing results 19 to 38 of 39


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