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1983High calcium content in Streptomyces spores and its release as an early event during spore germinationSalas Fernández, José Antonio; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Hardisson Rumeu, Carlos
2004Identification of specific in vivo-induced (ivi) genes in Yersinia ruckeri and analysis of ruckerbactin, a catecholate siderophore iron acquisition systemFernández Llamas, Lucía; Márquez Llano-Ponte, Isabel; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2018The infection process of Yersinia ruckeri: Reviewing the pieces of the Jigsaw puzzleGuijarro Atienza, José Agustín; García Torrico, Ana Isabel; Cascales Freire, Desirée; Méndez Sotorrio, María Jessica
1996Interaction of GTP with proteins during the cell cycle of Streptomyces coelicolorObaya González, Álvaro Jesús; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2003In Vitro and In Vivo Studies of the Yrp1 Protease from Yersinia ruckeri and Its Role in Protective Immunity against Enteric Red Mouth Disease of SalmonidsFernández Llamas, Lucía; López, J. R.; Secades Vázquez, Pablo; Menéndez González, Aurora; Márquez Llano-Ponte, Isabel; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2020In vivo bioluminescent imaging of Yersinia ruckeri pathogenesis in fishGuijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Méndez Sotorrio, María Jessica
2013In vivo monitoring of Yersinia ruckeri in fish tissues: Progression and virulence gene expressionMéndez Sotorrio, María Jessica; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2002Isolation and analysis of a protease gene with an ABC transport system in the fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeri: Insertional mutagenesis and involvement in virulenceFernández Llamas, Lucía; Secades Vázquez, Pablo; López, J. R.; Márquez Llano-Ponte, Isabel; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2015Lack of a type-2 glycosyltransferase in the fish pathogen Flavobacterium psychrophilum determines pleiotropic changes and loss of virulencePérez Pascual, David; Gómez López, Esther; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
1980Macromolecular synthesis during the germination of Streptomyces spores in a chemically defined mediumHardisson Rumeu, Carlos; Salas Fernández, José Antonio; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Suárez Fernández, Juan Evaristo
1996Modificación de proteínas por nucleótidos púricos y caracterización de la nucleósido difosfato quinasa de Streptomyces coelicolorObaya González, Álvaro Jesús
2007Molecular virulence mechanisms of the fish pathogen Yersinia ruckeriFernández Llamas, Lucía; Méndez Sotorrio, María Jessica; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2017More than gliding: Involvement of GldD and GldG in the virulence of Flavobacterium PsychrophilumPérez Pascual, David; Rochat, T.; Kerouault, B.; Gómez López, Esther; Neulat Ripoll, F.; Henry, C.; Quillet, E.; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Bernardet, J. F.; Duchaud, E.
2008A mutant in one of two exbD loci of a TonB system in Flavobacterium psychrophilum shows attenuated virulence and confers protection against cold water diseasesÁlvarez González, Beatriz; Álvarez Álvarez, Javier; Menéndez González, Aurora; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2006A mutation in Flavobacterium psychrophilum tlpB inhibits gliding motility and induces biofilm formationÁlvarez González, Beatriz; Secades Vázquez, Pablo; Prieto, M.; McBride, M. J.; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
2011A Novel cdsAB Operon Is Involved in the Uptake of L-Cysteine and Participates in the Pathogenesis of Yersinia ruckeriMéndez Sotorrio, María Jessica; Reimundo Díaz-Fierros, María del Pilar; Pérez Pascual, David; Navais Barranco, Roberto; Gómez López, Esther; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín
18-Jul-2014Nuevas técnicas de manipulación genética y caracterización de mutantes en Flavobacterium psychrophilumGómez López, Esther
1983Pattern of protein degradation during germination of Streptomyces antibioticus spores.Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Suárez Fernández, Juan Evaristo; Salas Fernández, José Antonio; Hardisson Rumeu, Carlos
2002PCR-based procedures in detection and DNA-fingerprinting of Salmonella from samples of animal originCerro Arrieta, Ana del; Soto González, Sara María; Landeras Rodríguez, Elena; González Hevia, María Ángeles; Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Mendoza Fernández, María del Carmen
1988Promoter determining the timing and spatial localization of transcription of a cloned Streptomyces coelicolor gene encoding a spore-associated polypeptide.Guijarro Atienza, José Agustín; Santamaría, Ramón; Schauer, Alan; Losick, Richard
Showing results 24 to 43 of 61


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