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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Integración del Catastro 3D en una plataforma de simulación 3DAlonso Rodríguez, Belén
2019Large scale semi-automatic detection of forest roads from low density LiDAR data on steep terrain in Northern SpainPrendes, Covadonga; Bujan, Sandra; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Canga, Elena
2017Leaf water content estimation by functional linear regression of field spectroscopy dataRodríguez Pérez, José Ramón; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; González Fernández, A. B.; Sanz Ablanedo, Enoc; Valenciano, J. B.; Marcelo, V.
2005Learning machines applied to potential forest distributionOrdóñez Galán, Celestino; Taboada Castro, Javier; Bastante, F. G.; Matías, J. M.; Felicísimo Pérez, Ángel Manuel
2009Machine learning techniques applied to the determination of osteoporosis incidence in post-menopausal womenOrdóñez Galán, Celestino; Matías Fernández, José María; Cos Juez, Francisco Javier de; García Nieto, Paulino José
2013A mathematical algorithm for dimensional control of tunnels using topographic profilesOrdóñez Galán, Celestino; Argüelles Fraga, Ramón Jesús; Martínez Torres, Javier; García Cortés, Silverio
2016Measurement system with angular encoders for continuous monitoring of tunnel convergenceAriznavarreta Fernández, Fernando; González Palacio, Celestino; Menéndez Díaz, Agustín; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino
2017Missing data imputation of questionnaires by means of genetic algorithms with different fitness functionsOrdóñez Galán, Celestino; Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando; Cos Juez, Francisco Javier de; Bernardo Sánchez, Antonio
2015Mobile Laser Scanner data for automatic surface detection based on line arrangementCabo Gómez, Carlos; García Cortés, Silverio; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino
2016Morphological Operations to Extract Urban Curbs in 3D MLS Point CloudsRodríguez Cuenca, Borja; García Cortés, Silverio; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Alonso, María Concepción
2019Multiscale supervised classification of point clouds with urban and forest applicationsCabo Gómez, Carlos; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando; Roca Pardiñas, J.; Cos Juez, Francisco Javier de
2014Point cloud comparison under uncertainty. Application to beam bridge measurement with terrestrial laser scanningLópez Álvarez, Francisco de Asís; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Roca Pardiñas, Javier; García Cortés, Silverio
2019Predicting pollution incidents through semiparametric quantile regression modelsRoca Pardiñas, J.; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino
2014Predicting SO2 pollution incidents by means of additive models with optimum variable selectionSestelo Pérez, Marta; Roca Pardiñas, Javier; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino
23-Jul-2014Publicación de cartografía en InternetFernández García, Diego
Jul-2015Publicación de cartografía en InternetÁlvarez Díaz, Enrique
2019Real-time tomographic reconstructor based on convolutional neural networks for solar observationSánchez Lasheras, Fernando; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Roca Pardiñas, Javier; Cos Juez, Francisco Javier de
Jul-2014Representación de variables dinámicas con tracking analyst de ArcGis y ArcGlobeMateo Mateos, Eduardo
2015Room Design for Underground Slate Workings: Analysis of Safety Factors for KeyblocksMenéndez Díaz, Agustín; Argüelles Fraga, Ramón Jesús; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Bouza Rodríguez, José Benito
2016Sediment particle size distributions apportionment by means of functional cluster analysis (FCA)Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Ruiz-Barzola, Omar; Sierra Fernández, Carlos
Showing results 53 to 72 of 86


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