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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jun-2013Remediation of mining and metalurgy brownfields by means of physical separation proceduresSierra Fernández, Carlos
2019Reuse of dunite miningwaste and subproducts for the stabilization of metal(Oid)s in polluted soilsBaragaño Coto, Diego; Forján Castro, Rubén; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María; Covián Martino, Marcos; Díaz García, Pamela; Martínez Rubio, Javier; Álvarez Rueda, Juan José.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
9-Jul-2009Técnicas de biorremediación en litorales afectados por el vertido de fuel pesado del PrestigeGonzález Rojas, Edwin Humberto
2008Textural distribution of arsenic and heavy metals in soils affected by abandoned mining works: Consequences for soil washingGonzález Coto, Felipe; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Villa, R.; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2017Trace elements of concern affecting urban agriculture in industrialized areas: A multivariate approachBoente López, Carlos; Matanzas Valtuille, Nora; García González, N.; Rodríguez-Valdés Rodríguez, Eduardo; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
21-Apr-2004Tratamiento de residuos de refinería mediante técnicas de biorremediaciónRodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2017Use of endophytic and rhizosphere bacteria to improve phytoremediation of arsenic-contaminated industrial soils by autochthonous Betula celtibericaMesa Salgado, Victoria María; Navazas Álvarez, Alejandro; González Gil, Ricardo; González Díaz, María Aida; Weyens, N.; Lauga, B.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Sánchez Martín, Jesús; Peláez Andrés, Ana Isabel
2013Using gas geochemistry to delineate structural compartments and assess petroleum reservoir-filling directions: A Venezuelan case studyMárquez Martínez, Gonzalo; Escobar, M.; Lorenzo, E.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Tocco, R.
2008Using industrial and mining wastes as raw materials to produce light aggregatesGonzález Coto, Felipe; Marina Sánchez, María Antonia; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Villa, R.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María
2010Weathering processes only partially limit the potential for bioremediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soilsRodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Villa Menéndez, Ramón; Peláez Andrés, Ana Isabel; Sánchez Martín, Jesús
2020Zero valent iron and goethite nanoparticles as new promising remediation techniques for As-polluted soilsBaragaño Coto, Diego; Alonso, J; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Lobo, M. C.; Gil Díaz, M.
Showing results 78 to 88 of 88


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