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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Feasibility study on the use of soil washing to remediate the As-Hg contamination at an ancient mining and metallurgy areaSierra Fernández, Carlos; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María; Afif Khouri, Elías; Carrero Novillo, Miguel; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2011Full-Scale Remediation of a Jet Fuel-Contaminated Soil: Assessment of Biodegradation, Volatilization, and BioavailabilityRodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Permanyer Bastardas, Albert; Peláez Andrés, Ana Isabel; Menéndez Vega, Demelza; Sánchez Martín, Jesús
2013Functional data analysis as a tool to correlate textural and geochemical dataOrdóñez Galán, Celestino; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Albuquerque, M. Teresa D.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2013Functional outlier detection in grain-size distribution curves of detrital sedimentsSierra Fernández, Carlos; Ordóñez Galán, Celestino; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2013Geochemical Composition of Beach Tar from the Se Coast of the Paria Peninsula, Ne Venezuela: Derivation from Natural SeepagesMárquez Martínez, Gonzalo; Galarraga, F.; Fernández, R.; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2018Geochemical evaluation of crude oils from the caracara and tiple areas, eastern llanos basin, Colombia: palaeo biodegradation and oil mixingEsquinas, Noemí; Márquez Martínez, Gonzalo; Permanyer Bastardas, Albert; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2017Geochemical study of a mining-metallurgy site polluted with As and Hg and the transfer of these contaminants to Equisetum spMatanzas Valtuille, Nora; Sierra, M. J.; Afif Khouri, Elías; Díaz, T. E.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Millán, R.
2013Geochemistry and chemostratigraphy of the Colon-Mito Juan units (Campanian-Maastrichtian), Venezuela: Implications for provenance, depositional conditions, and stratigraphic subdivisionMontilla, L. A.; Martínez, M.; Márquez Martínez, Gonzalo; Escobar, M.; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Esteves, Iván; Gutiérrez, J. V.
2016Geostatistical approach to the 3d-distribution of hazardous waste and polluted soil in a brownfieldBoente López, Carlos; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Rodríguez-Valdés Rodríguez, Eduardo; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María
2013High intensity magnetic separation for the clean-up of a site polluted by lead metallurgySierra Fernández, Carlos; Martínez López, Julián Ángel; Menéndez Aguado, Juan María; Afif Khouri, Elías; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2016Human health risk assessment in restoring safe and productive use of abandoned contaminated sitesWcislo, E.; Bronder, J.; Bubak, A.; Rodríguez-Valdés Rodríguez, Eduardo; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2016Intra- and inter-field compositional changes of oils from the Misoa B4 reservoir in the Ceuta Southeast Area (Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela)Márquez Martínez, Gonzalo; Escobar, M.; Lorenzo, E.; Duno, L.; Esquinas, Noemí; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2001Investigation of trace element sources from an industrialized area (Avilés, northern Spain) using multivariate statistical methodsRodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Ordóñez Alonso, María Almudena; Loredo Pérez, Jorge Luis
2019Local versus Regional Soil Screening Levels to Identify Potentially Polluted AreasBoente López, Carlos; Gerassis S.; Albuquerque, M. T. D.; Taboada J.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2018Long-term ongoing impact of arsenic contamination on the environmental compartments of a former mining-metallurgy areaGonzález Fernández, María Beatriz; Rodríguez-Valdés Rodríguez, Eduardo; Boente López, Carlos; Menéndez Casares, Eduardo; Fernández Braña, Alicia M.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis
2013Metaproteogenomic insights beyond bacterial response to naphthalene exposure and bio-stimulationGuazzaroni, María Eugenia; Herbst, Florian-Alexander; Lores Ovies, Iván; Tamames, J.; Peláez Andrés, Ana Isabel; López Cortés, N.; Alcaide, M.; Pozo, M. V. del; Vieites, José María; Von Bergen, M.; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Bargiela, Rafael; López López, A.; Pieper, D. H.; Rosselló Móra, R.; Sánchez Martín, Jesús; Seifert, Jana; Ferrer, Manuel
2019Metodologías de jerarquización del riesgo en suelos contaminadosGarcía González, Nerea
30-Nov-2018Metodologías de jerarquización del riesgo en suelos contaminadosGarcía González, Nerea
2014Microbial stratification in low pH oxic and suboxic macroscopic growths along an acid mine drainageMéndez García, Celia; Mesa Salgado, Victoria María; Sprenger, Richard R.; Richter, Michael; Suárez Díez, María; Solano, Jennifer; Bargiela, Rafael; Golyshina, Olga V.; Manteca Fernández, Ángel; Ramos, Juan Luis; Rodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Llorente, Irene; Martins dos Santos, Victor A.; Jensen, Ole N.; Peláez Andrés, Ana Isabel; Sánchez Martín, Jesús; Ferrer, Manuel
2013Multivariate study of trace element distribution in the geological record of Ronanzas Peat Bog (Asturias, N. Spain). Paleoenvironmental evolution and human activities over the last 8000 cal yr BPRodríguez Gallego, José Luis; Ortiz Menéndez, José Eugenio; Sierra Fernández, Carlos; Torres Pérez-Hidalgo, Trinidad José de; Llamas Borrajo, Juan Francisco
Showing results 34 to 53 of 80


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