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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Las salamandras de la ciudad de Oviedo: una vida entre el asfaltoÁlvarez Fernández, David
2011Maintenance of asymmetric hybridization between Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) via postzygotic barriers and paternal effectsÁlvarez Fernández, David; García Vázquez, Eva
2006Microgeographic variation in metabolic rate and energy storage of brown trout: Countergradient selection or thermal sensitivity?Álvarez Fernández, David; Cano Arias, José Manuel; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2015Neighbouring populations, opposite dynamics: influence of body size and environmental variation on the demography of stream-resident brown trout (Salmo trutta)Fernández Chacón, Albert; Genovart, Meritxell; Álvarez Fernández, David; Cano Arias, José Manuel; Ojanguren, Alfredo F.; Rodríguez Muñoz, Rolando; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2011Southern populations of european shag "phalacrocorax A. Aristotelis" advance their laying date in response to local weather conditions but not to large-scale climateÁlvarez Fernández, David; Fernández Pajuelo, Manuel Antonio
2014Sperm competitiveness differs between two frog populations with different breeding systemsÁlvarez Fernández, David; Viesca Lombardía, Leticia; González Nicieza, Alfredo César
2009Statistical analysis of structural compensatory growth: How can we reduce the rate of false detection?González Nicieza, Alfredo César; Álvarez Fernández, David
2007Sticklebacks from streams are more bold than sticklebacks from pondsÁlvarez Fernández, David; Bell, A. M.
2020Teacher training and Biology students’ perceptions on the introduction of alien species and seaports roleTorralba Burrial, Antonio; Arias Rodríguez, Andrés; Álvarez Fernández, David; Herrero Vázquez, Mónica
2020La televisión on-line en la Formación del Profesorado: un recurso educativo multilingüe y multidisciplinarGarcía-Sampedro Fernández-Canteli, Marta; Torralba Burrial, Antonio; Álvarez Fernández, David; Miranda Morais, Mirian; Avello Rodríguez, Roberto; Agudo Prado, Susana; Herrero Vázquez, Mónica; Aguilar González, Álvaro; Muñiz Rodríguez, Laura; Cura González, Yolanda del; Díaz González, Diana; San Pedro Veledo, María Belén; Rodríguez Olay, Lucía; Sánchez Martínez, Beatriz; Carriedo Cayón, Alejandro; López Manrique, Inés; Muth, Randy Timothy; Beata, Bednarczuk
2007The tradeoff between catch-up growth and escape speed: Variation between habitats in the cost of compensationÁlvarez Fernández, David; Metcalfe, N. B.
2017Trapped within the city: integrating demography, time since isolation and population-specific traits to assess the genetic effects of urbanizationLourenço, André; Álvarez Fernández, David; Wang, Ian J.; Velo Antón, Guillermo
2011Weak large-scale population genetic structure in a philopatric seabird, the European Shag Phalacrocorax aristotelisBarlow, Emily J.; Daunt, Francis; Wanless, Sarah; Álvarez Fernández, David; Reid, Jane M.; Cavers, Stephen
Showing results 13 to 25 of 25


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