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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Merkel cell carcinoma of the head and neckPellitteri, Phillip K.; Takes, Robert P.; Lewis, James S. Jr.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2008Modern reconstruction techniques for oral and pharyngeal defects after tumor resectionBree, Remco de; Rinaldo, Alessandra; Genden, Eric M.; Suárez Nieto, Carlos; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Fagan, Johannes J.; Kowalski, Luiz P.; Ferlito, Alfio; Leemans, Charles René
2008Molecular alterations in nodal metastases and its primary tumors in squamous cell carcinomas of the larynxRodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Cabanillas Farpón, Rubén; Chiara Romero, María Dolores; García Pedrero, Juana María; Fresno Forcelledo, Manuel Florentino; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2018Molecular and health effects in the upper respiratory tract associated with tobacco smoking other than cigarettesSzyfter, K.; Napierala, M.; Florek, E.; Braakhuis, Boudewijn J. M.; Takes, Robert P.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Rinaldo, A.; Silver, C. E.; Ferlito, Alfio
2013Molecular diagnostic alterations in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and potential diagnostic applicationsHunt, Jennifer L.; Barnes, Leon; Lewis, James S. Jr.; Mahfouz, Magdy E.; Slootweg, Pieter J.; Thompson, Lester D. R.; Cardesa, Antonio; Devaney, Kenneth O.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2015Molecular events in relapsed oral squamous cell carcinoma: Recurrence vs secondary primary tumorGleber-Netto, Frederico O.; Braakhuis, Boudewijn J. M.; Triantafyllou, Asterios; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2016Moving towards personalised therapy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma through analysis of next generation sequencing dataGiefing, M.; Wierzbicka, Małgorzata; Szyfter, K.; Brenner, J. C.; Braakhuis, Boudewijn J. M.; Brakenhoff, Ruud H.; Bradford, Carol R.; Sorensen, J. A.; Rinaldo, Alessandra; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Takes, Robert P.; Ferlito, Alfio
2009Mucoceles de senos paranasales. Nuestra experiencia en 72 pacientesObeso Agüera, Sergio; Llorente Pendás, José Luis; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Sánchez García, Rafael; Mancebo Mata, Gonzalo; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2015Multifaceted role of TREX2 in the skin defense against UV-induced skin carcinogenesisManils, J.; Gómez, D.; Salla-Martret, M.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; García Pedrero, Juana María
2018Mutational profiling can identify laryngeal dysplasia at risk of progression to invasive carcinomaManterola, L.; Aguirre, P.; Larrea, E.; García Pedrero, Juana María; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2008Neck Dissection for Laryngeal CancerFerlito, Alfio; Rinaldo, Alessandra; Silver, Carl E.; Robbins, K. Thomas; Medina, Jesús E.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Shaha, Ashok R.; Takes, Robert P.; Bradley, Patrick J.
2016Neuroendocrine neoplasms of the sinonasal regionBell, Diana; Hanna, Ehab Y.; Weber, Randal S.; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2017A Novel Role for Nanog As An Early Cancer Risk Marker in Patients with Laryngeal Precancerous LesionsRodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Villaronga Torres, María de los Ángeles; Tirados Menéndez, Sofía; Hermida Prado, Francisco José; Quer, M.; Vilaseca, I.; Allonca Campa, Eva; Pedregal Mallo, Daniel; Astudillo González, María Aurora; García Pedrero, Juana María
2009Oncogene amplification pattern in adenoid cystic carcinoma of the salivary glandsSequeiros Santiago, Guadalupe; García Carracedo, Dario; Fresno Forcelledo, Manuel Florentino; Suárez Nieto, Carlos; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; González Meana, María Victoria
1995Los oncogenes c-myc y erbB en los carcinomas epidermoides de cabeza y cuelloRodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2018Oncological and functional outcomes of transoral laser surgery for laryngeal carcinomaPedregal Mallo, Daniel; Sánchez Canteli, Mario; Fernández López, Fernando; Álvarez Marcos, César Antonio; Llorente Pendás, José Luis; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
2011Oncological results after surgical treatment of squamous cell cancer of the lateral wall of the oropharynxDíaz Molina, Juan Pablo; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Álvarez Marcos, César Antonio; Llorente Pendás, José Luis; Costales Marcos, María; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2011Oncologic and functional results after transhyoid surgical approach for cancer of the base of tongueRodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Díaz Molina, Juan Pablo; Moreno Galindo, Carla; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2008Oncologic outcomes of transoral laser surgery of supraglottic carcinoma compared with a transcervical approachCabanillas Farpón, Rubén; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo; Llorente Pendás, José Luis; Suárez Nieto, Carlos
2017Organ preservation with chemoradiation in advanced laryngeal cancer: The problem of generalizing results from randomized controlled trialsSanabria, Álvaro; Chaves, A. L. F.; Kowalski, Luiz P.; Suárez Nieto, Carlos; Rodrigo Tapia, Juan Pablo
Showing results 112 to 131 of 210


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