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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Gene expression analysis in Eucalyptus globulus exposed to drought stress in a controlled and a field environment indicates different strategies for short- and longer-term acclimationCorreia, Bárbara; Hancock, Robert D.; Valledor González, Luis; Pinto, Gloria
2019Genome-wide identification and characterization of CKIN/SnRK gene family in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiColina Ruiz, Francisco Javier; Amaral, J.; Carbó, M.; Pinto, G.; Soares, A.; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Valledor González, Luis
2008HPCE quantification of 5-methyl-2'-deoxycytidine in genomic DNA: Methodological optimization for chestnut and other woody speciesHasbún Zaror, Rodrigo Jorge Nicolás; Valledor González, Luis; Rodríguez Lorenzo, José Luis; Santamaría Fernández, María Estrella; Rios Leal, Darcy Grac; Sánchez Olate, Manuel Eduardo; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Rodríguez Fernández, Eladio Roberto
19-Nov-2019Improvement of plant biomass production by mimicking natural responses to abiotic stressesColina Ruiz, Francisco Javier
2014Improving the quality of protein identification in non-model species. Characterization of Quercus ilex seed and Pinus radiata needle proteomes by using SEQUEST and custom databasesRomero Rodríguez, M. C.; Pascual Vázquez, Jesús; Valledor González, Luis; Jorrín Novo, Jesús Valentín
2017Integrated physiological, proteomic, and metabolomic analysis of ultra violet (UV) stress responses and adaptation mechanisms in pinus radiataPascual Vázquez, Jesús; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Escandón Martínez, Mónica; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Weckwerth, Wolfram; Valledor González, Luis
2016Integrated proteomics and metabolomics to unlock global and clonal responses of Eucalyptus globulus recovery from water deficitCorreia, Bárbara; Valledor González, Luis; Hancock, Robert D.; Renaut, Jenny; Pascual Vázquez, Jesús; Soares, A. M. V. M.; Pinto, Gloria
2007Involvement of DNA methylation in tree development and micropropagationValledor González, Luis; Hasbún Zaror, Rodrigo Jorge Nicolás; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Rodríguez, J. L.; Santamaría Fernández, María Estrella; Viejo Somoano, Marcos; Berdasco Menéndez, María; Feito, I.; Fernández Fraga, Mario; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Rodríguez, R.
2013Is the Interplay between Epigenetic Markers Related to the Acclimation of Cork Oak Plants to High Temperatures?Correia, Bárbara; Valledor González, Luis; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Rodríguez Lorenzo, José Luis; Dias, Maria Celeste; Santos, Conceiçao; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Rodríguez Fernández, Eladio Roberto; Pinto, Gloria
2017Kaolin particle film application lowers oxidative damage and DNA methylation on grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.)Bernardo, S.; Dinis, L. T.; Luzio, A.; Pinto, Gloria; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Valledor González, Luis; Conde, A.; Gerós, H.; Correia, C. M.; Moutinho Pereira, J.
2018Metabolome integrated analysis of high-temperature response in Pinus radiataEscandón Martínez, Mónica; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Valledor González, Luis; Pascual, Jesús; Pinto, Gloria; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima
2012Morphological and physiological responses of proliferating shoots of teak to temporary immersion and BA treatmentsQuiala Mendoza, Elisa; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Rodríguez Fernández, Eladio Roberto; Chávez Meliá, Maite; Valledor González, Luis; Feria Silva, Manuel de; Barbón Rodríguez, Raúl
2018A multi-omics analysis pipeline for the metabolic pathway reconstruction in the orphan species quercus ilexLópez Hidalgo, Cristina; Guerrero Sánchez, V. M.; Gómez Gálvez, I.; Sánchez Lucas, R.; Castillejo Sánchez, M. A.; Maldonado Alconada, Ana María; Valledor González, Luis; Jorrín Novo, Jesús Valentín
2020Multiple Biomolecule Isolation Protocol Compatible with Mass Spectrometry and Other High-Throughput Analyses in MicroalgaeColina Ruiz, Francisco Javier; Carbó, M.; Álvarez González, Ana; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Valledor González, Luis
2018Natural variation of DNA methylation and gene expression may determine local adaptations of Scots pine populationsAlakärppä, E.; Salo, H. M.; Valledor González, Luis; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima; Häggman, H.; Vuosku, J.
2019Pinus Susceptibility to Pitch Canker Triggers Specific Physiological Responses in Symptomatic Plants: An Integrated ApproachAmaral, J.; Correia, B.; Antonio, C.; Rodrigues, A. M.; Gómez Cadenas, A.; Valledor González, Luis; Hancock, R. D.; Alves, A.; Pinto, G.
2009Plant proteomics update (2007-2008): Second-generation proteomic techniques, an appropriate experimental design, and data analysis to fulfill MIAPE standards, increase plant proteome coverage and expand biological knowledgeJorrín Novo, Jesús Valentín; Maldonado Alconada, Ana María; Echevarría Zomeño, Sira; Valledor González, Luis; Castillejo Sánchez, María Ángeles; Curto Rubio, Miguel; Valero Galván, José; Sghaier-Hammami, Besma; Donoso Ñanculao, Gabriel Hernán; Redondo López, Inmaculada
2020PrefaceJorrin-Novo J.V.; Valledor González, Luis; Castillejo, M. Á.; Rey, M. D.
2011Promotion of flowering in azaleas by manipulating photoperiod and temperature induces epigenetic alterations during floral transitionMeijón Vidal, Mónica; Feito Díaz, Isabel; Valledor González, Luis; Rodríguez Fernández, Eladio Roberto; Cañal Villanueva, María Jesús Fátima
2020Protein Interaction Networks: Functional and Statistical ApproachesEscandón Martínez, Mónica; Lamelas Penas, Laura; Fernández Roces, Víctor; Guerrero Sánchez, V. M.; Meijón Vidal, Mónica; Valledor González, Luis
Showing results 31 to 50 of 67


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