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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Environmental DNA evidence of transfer of North Sea molluscs across tropical waters through ballast waterArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Zaiko, Anastasija; Martínez Fernández, José Luis; Samuiloviene, Aurelija; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; García Vázquez, Eva
2018Environmental DNA for freshwater fish monitoring: Insights for conservation within a protected areaFernández Fernández, Sara; Sandin, Miguel M.; Beaulieu, Paul G.; Clusa Cuesta, Laura; Martínez, José Luis; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2017Epigenetic signatures of invasive status in populations of marine invertebratesArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Zaiko, Anastasija; Morán Martínez, Paloma; Planes, Serge; García Vázquez, Eva
2018Evaluating freshwater macroinvertebrates from eDNA metabarcoding: A river Nalón case studyFernández Fernández, Sara; Rodríguez, Saúl; Martínez, José Luis; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2017Exploring Changes in Biodiversity Through Pictures: A Citizen Science ExperienceDopico Rodríguez, Eduardo Vicente; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2017An extremely sensitive nested PCR-RFLP mitochondrial marker for detection and identification of salmonids in eDNA from water samplesClusa Cuesta, Laura; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Fernández, Sara; Roca Martínez, Agustín Antonio; García Vázquez, Eva
2011Forensic DNA analysis reveals use of high trophic level marine fish in commercial aquaculture fish mealsArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Hórreo Escandón, José Luis; Hernández, Eduardo J.; Jardón, A.; González Pola, Iván; Martínez Fernández, José Luis; García Vázquez, Eva
2013Genetic detection of Pseudomonas spp. in commercial Amazonian fishArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Linde Arias, Ana Rosa; García Vázquez, Eva
2011Herramientas genéticas para la trazabilidad de especies piscícolas amazónicasArdura Gutiérrez, Alba
2013The Meeting of Waters, a possible shelter of evolutionary significant units for Amazonian fishArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Gomes, Vanessa; Linde Arias, Ana Rosa; Moreira, Josino Costa; Hórreo Escandón, José Luis; García Vázquez, Eva
2015Metabarcoding approach for nonindigenous species surveillance in marine coastal watersZaiko, Anastasija; Samuiloviene, Aurelija; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2019Microplastics in special protected areas for migratory birds in the Bay of BiscayMasiá, P.; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2018Nature versus nurture? Consequences of short captivity in early stagesHórreo, José L.; García Valiente, América; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Blanco, Aida; García González, Claudia; García Vázquez, Eva
2016Novel tools for early detection of a global aquatic invasive, the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorphaArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Zaiko, Anastasija; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Samuiloviene, Aurelija; García Vázquez, Eva
2014Paleolithic vs. Epipaleolithic fisheries in northern IberiaTurrero García, Pablo; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; García Vázquez, Eva
2018PCR-based assay for Mya arenaria detection from marine environmental samples and tracking its invasion in coastal ecosystemsArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Zaiko, Anastasija
2016PCR-based assessment of shellfish traceability and sustainability in international Mediterranean seafood marketsGalal-Khallaf, A.; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; García Vázquez, Eva
2016Phylogenetic analysis for detection of multiple fouling events: A pilot study of barnacles at Moorea Island (French polynesia)Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Planes, Serge; García Vázquez, Eva
2017Rapid assessment of non-indigenous species in the era of the eDNA barcoding: A Mediterranean case studyArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Planes, Serge
2016Rate of biological invasions is lower in coastal marine protected areasArdura Gutiérrez, Alba; Juanes, Francis; Planes, Serge; García Vázquez, Eva
Showing results 21 to 40 of 46


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