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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Saturation transfer difference nuclear magnetic resonance titrations reveal complex multistepbinding of L-fucose to norovirus particlesMallagaray, A.; Rademacher, Christoph; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Hansman, G.; Peters, Thomas
2015Secretion and assembly of calicivirus-like particles in high-cell-density yeast fermentations: strategies based on a recombinant non-specific BPTI-Kunitz-type protease inhibitorFernández, Erlinda; Toledo Alonso, Jorge Roberto; Mansur, M.; Sánchez, Oliberto; Gil, D. F.; González González, Yamile; Lamazares, E.; Fernández, Yaiza; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Farnós Villar, Omar
2011Single dose adenovirus vectored vaccine induces a potent and long-lasting immune response against rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus after parenteral or mucosal administrationFernández Díaz, Erlinda; Toledo Alonso, Jorge Roberto; Chiong Guzmán, Maylin; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Elsa; Montero Espinosa, Carlos; Méndez Pérez, Lídice; Capucci, Lorenzo; Farnós Villar, Omar
2015A spiroketal-enol ether derivative from Tanacetum vulgare selectively inhibits HSV-1 and HSV-2 glycoprotein accumulation in vero cellsÁlvarez Rodríguez, Ángel Luis; Habtemariam, Solomon; Abdel Moneim, Ahmed E.; Melón García, Santiago; Dalton, Kevin Paul; Parra Fernández, José Francisco
2014Spread of new variant RHDV in domestic rabbits on the Iberian PeninsulaDalton, Kevin Paul; Nicieza Lavilla, Inés; Abrantes, Joana; Esteves, Pedro J.; Parra Fernández, José Francisco
1989Structural and functional analysis of ribosomal subunits from vegetative mycelium and spores of Streptomyces antibioticusQuirós Fernández, Luis Manuel; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Hardisson Rumeu, Carlos; Salas Fernández, José Antonio
2008Structural and functional analysis of virus factories purified from Rabbit vesivirus-infected Vero cellsCasais Goyos, Rosa; González Molleda, Lorenzo; Machín Murciego, María Ángeles; Barrio Alonso, Gloria del; García Manso, Alberto; Dalton, Kevin Paul; Coto Montes, Ana María; Martín Alonso, José Manuel; Prieto Martín, José Miguel; Parra Fernández, José Francisco
2008Structural insights into mechanisms of catalysis and inhibition in Norwalk virus polymeraseZamyatkin, Dmitry F.; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Martín Alonso, José Manuel; Harki, Daniel A.; Peterson, Blake R.; Grochulski, Pawel; Ng, Kenneth K.-S
2014Structure of a backtracked state reveals conformational changes similar to the state following nucleotide incorporation in human norovirus polymeraseZamyatkin, Dmitry F.; Rao, C.; Hoffarth, E.; Jurca, G.; Rho, H.; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Grochulski, Pawel; Ng, Kenneth K.-S
2011Targeting Norovirus Infection-Multivalent Entry Inhibitor Design Based on NMR ExperimentsRademacher, Christoph; Guiard, Julie; Kitov, Pavel I.; Fiege, Brigitte; Dalton, Kevin Paul; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Bundle, David R.; Peters, Thomas
2008Use of an activated carbon from antibiotic waste for the removal of Hg(II) from aqueous solutionBudinova, Temenuzhka; Petrov, Nartzislav; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Baloutzov, Venelin
2015Vaccine breaks: Outbreaks of myxomatosis on Spanish commercial rabbit farmsDalton, Kevin Paul; Nicieza Lavilla, Inés; Llano Teixeira, Daniel; Gullón, J.; Inza, M.; Petralanda, M.; Arroita, Z.; Parra Fernández, José Francisco
2012Variant rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus in young rabbits, SpainDalton, Kevin Paul; Nicieza Lavilla, Inés; Balseiro Morales, Ana María; Muguerza Mayayo, María Ángeles; Rosell Pujol, Joan Maria; Casais Goyos, Rosa; Álvarez Rodríguez, Ángel Luis; Parra Fernández, José Francisco
Dec-2015Vectores de expresión de cDNAs genómicos de Rabbit vesivirus (RaV) y análisis de su funcionalidad como clones infectivosÁlvarez Rodríguez, Ángel Luis
2013A virus biosensor with single virus-particle sensitivity based on fluorescent vesicle labels and equilibrium fluctuation analysisBally, Marta; Graule, Moritz; Parra Fernández, José Francisco; Larson, Göran; Höök, Fredrik
Showing results 66 to 80 of 80


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