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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Machine learning models, epistemic set-valued data and generalized loss functions: An encompassing approachCouso Blanco, Inés; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2011Managing stochastic algorithms cross-validation variability using an interval valued multiple comparison procedureOtero Rodríguez, José; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano; Palacios Jiménez, Ana María; Couso Blanco, Inés
2011Mark-recapture techniques in statistical tests for imprecise dataCouso Blanco, Inés; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2010Measurement of ground-neutral currents in three phase transformers using a genetically evolved shaping filterSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés
2013A methodology for exploiting the tolerance for imprecision in genetic fuzzy systems and its application to characterization of rotor blade leading edge materialsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés; Palacios Jiménez, Ana María; Palacios, José L.
2009A minimum-risk genetic fuzzy classifier based on low quality dataPalacios Jiménez, Ana María; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés
2008A Minimum Risk Wrapper Algorithm for Genetically Selecting Imprecisely Observed Features, Applied to the Early Diagnosis of DyslexiaSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Palacios Jiménez, Ana María; Couso Blanco, Inés
2017Mining association rules in R using the package RKEELSánchez, O.; Moyano, J. M.; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano; Alcalá Fernández, Jesús
2017A Model-Based Virtual Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Li-Ion Batteries in Cyber-Physical Vehicle SystemsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés; Otero Rodríguez, José; Echevarría Cartaya, Yuviny; Anseán González, David
19-Jun-2014Monitorización y predicción del estado en flotas de motores usando análisis inteligente de datos para información intervalo-valorada y posibilísticaMartínez Gómez, Alvaro
2017Multicriteria Design of Cost-Conscious Fuzzy Rule-Based ClassifiersCocaña Fernández, Alberto; Ranilla Pastor, José; Gil Pita, R.; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2013Multiobjective genetic classifier selection for random oracles fuzzy rule-based classifier ensembles : how beneficial is the additional diversity?Trawinski, Krzysztof; Cordón García, Óscar; Quirin, Arnaud; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2008Mutual information-based feature selection and partition design in fuzzy rule-based classifiers from vague dataSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Suárez Fernández, María del Rosario; Villar Flecha, José Ramón; Couso Blanco, Inés
2014Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection in Fuzzy Databases Applied to Searching for the Best Code Metrics in Automatic GradingOtero Rodríguez, José; Suárez Fernández, María del Rosario; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2000A niching scheme for steady state GA-P and its application to fuzzy rule based classifiers inductionSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Corrales González, José Antonio
2014The notion of roughness of a fuzzy setCouso Blanco, Inés; Garrido Blanco, Laura; Sánchez Ramos, Luciano
2009Obtaining a Linguistically Understandable Random Sets-Based Classifier from Interval-Valued Data with Genetic AlgorithmsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés
2010Obtaining fuzzy rules from interval-censored data with genetic algorithms and a random sets-based semantic of the linguistic labelsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Couso Blanco, Inés
2009Obtaining linguistic fuzzy rule-based regression models from imprecise data with multiobjective genetic algorithmsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Otero Rodríguez, José; Couso Blanco, Inés
2008Obtaining transparent models of chaotic systems with multi-objective simulated annealing algorithmsSánchez Ramos, Luciano; Villar Flecha, José Ramón
Showing results 89 to 108 of 133


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