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2012Phase stability and magnetic properties of a new cobalt(II) coordination polymer based on 2-carboxyethylphosphonate and 1,10'-phenanthrolineFernández Zapico, Eva; Montejo Bernardo, José Manuel; D'Vries, Richard; García Menéndez, José Rubén; García-Granda, Santiago; Rodríguez Fernández, Jesús; Pedro del Valle, Imanol de; Blanco Rodríguez, Jesús Ángel
2016A phenoxo–azido assorted Schiff base copper (II) bridged dimer in trace level fluorescence sensing of a pesticide: a DFT supported phenomenonChakrabarty, Partha Pratim; Giri, S.; Sen, Kamalika; Saha, Sandip; Jana, Atish Dipankar; García-Granda, Santiago; Haldar, S.; Bera, M.
2008Phosphinamide-directed benzylic lithiation. Application to the synthesis of peptide building blocksOña Burgos, Pascual; Fernández de las Nieves, Ignacio; Iglesias Valdés-Solís, María José; García-Granda, Santiago; López Ortiz, Fernando
2015Polyanionic identity of Ca2Zn2(V3O10)(VO4) photocatalyst manifested by X-ray powder diffraction and periodic boundary density functional theory calculationsBabaryk, Artem A.; Odynets, Ievgen V.; Khaynakov, Sergiy; García-Granda, Santiago; Slobodyanik, Nikolay S.
2018Preparation and thermal expansion of calcium iron zirconium phosphates with the NaZr2(PO4)3 structureSavinykh, D. O.; Khainakov, Sergiy; Orlova, A. I.; García-Granda, Santiago
2018Preparation, molecular structure, vibrational and photoluminescence study of a novel compound based chlorocadmate(II) materialLassoued, Mohamed Saber; Lassoued, Abdelmajid; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Ammar, Salah; Gadri, Abdellatif; Ben Salah, Abdelhamid; García-Granda, Santiago
2018Preparation of NZP-type Ca0.75+0.5xZr1.5Fe0.5(PO4)3-x(SiO4)x powders and ceramic, thermal expansion behaviorSavinykh, D.O; Khainakov, Sergiy; Boldin, M.S.; Orlova, A.I.; Aleksandrov, A.A.; Lantsev, E.A.; Sakharov, N.V.; Murashov, A.A.; García-Granda, Santiago; Nokhrin, A.V.; Chuvil'deev, V.N.
27-Mar-2006Pseudopolimorfismo en el macrólido semisintético azitromicinaMontejo Bernardo, José Manuel
2016A pseudo-tetragonal tungsten bronze superstructure: A combined solution of the crystal structure of K6.4(Nb,Ta)36.3O94 with advanced transmission electron microscopy and neutron diffractionParia Sena, R.; Babaryk, Artem A.; Khaynakov, Sergiy; García-Granda, Santiago; Slobodyanik, Nikolay S.; Van Tendeloo, G.; Abakumov, A. M.; Hadermann, J.
2018Pushing the limits of material characterization using transmission electron microscopy at the university of oviedoAmghouz, Zakariae; Hassan, Alaa Adawy Mohamed; García Menéndez, José Rubén; García-Granda, Santiago
2011Pyridine-4-carbaldehyde 4-phenylsemicarbazoneMendoza Meroño, Rafael; Menéndez Taboada, Laura; Fernández Zapico, Eva; García-Granda, Santiago
2012La Química en el Cine: Ficción o realidadTorre Fernández, Laura; García-Granda, Santiago
2013The reaction of NH-indazoles with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene: the unusual formation of benzotriazole-N-oxidesAlkorta Osoro, Ibón; Cossío, Fernando P.; Elguero, José; Fresno, Nieves; Hernández-Folgado, Laura; García-Granda, Santiago; Menéndez Taboada, Laura; Pérez Fernández, Ruth; Reviriego, Felipe; Vázquez Viñuela, Lucia
2015Redetermination of the crystal structure of β-zinc molybdate from single-crystal X-ray diffraction dataMtioui Sghaier, Olfa; Mendoza Meroño, Rafael; Ktari, L.; Dammak, Mohamed; García-Granda, Santiago
20-Nov-2000Resolución estructural de macromoléculas mediante reemplazo molecular: una nueva función de rotación en el espacio de PattersonBorge Álvarez, José Javier
2020Retraction Note to: Synthesis and characterization of Ni-doped α-Fe2O3 nanoparticles through co-precipitation method with enhanced photocatalytic activities (Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, (2018), 29, 7, (5726-5737), 10.1007/s1085Lassoued, Abdelmajid; Lassoued, Mohamed Saber; García-Granda, Santiago; Dkhil, B.; Ammar, Salah; Gadri, Abdellatif
2010Revisiting the thermal decomposition of layered γ-titanium phosphate and structural elucidation of Its intermediate phasesGarcía-Granda, Santiago; Khaynakov, Sergiy; Espina Álvarez, María Aránzazu; García Menéndez, José Rubén; Castro Castro, Germán Rafael; Rocha, João Carlos Matias Celestino Gomes da; Mafra, Luís Miguel Monteiro
2018Salicylic acid as an efficient catalyst for the diastereoselective synthesis of dispirohydroquinolines via a one-pot domino eight-component reactionSalahi, Sajjad; Hazeri, Nourallah; Maghsoodlou, Malek Taher; Lashkari, Mojtaba; Torbati, Niloufar Akbarzadeh; García-Granda, Santiago; Torre Fernández, Laura
2012Samarium-Promoted Asymmetric Aldol-Tishchenko Reaction: Synthesis of Amino Acid-Derived 4-Amino-1,3-diolsRodríguez Solla, Humberto; Concellón Fernández, María del Carmen; Tuya Sánchez, Paula; García-Granda, Santiago; Díaz Fernández, María del Rosario
2012Series of Metal Organic Frameworks Assembled from Ln(III), Na(I), and Chiral Flexible-Achiral Rigid Dicarboxylates Exhibiting Tunable UV-vis-IR Light EmissionAmghouz, Zakariae; García-Granda, Santiago; García Menéndez, José Rubén; Ferreira, R. A. S.; Mafra, Luís Miguel Monteiro; Carlos, L. D.; Rocha, João Carlos Matias Celestino Gomes da
Showing results 152 to 171 of 271


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