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2017Half-sandwich iron(II) complexes with protic acyclic diaminocarbene ligands: Synthesis, deprotonation and metalation reactionsRuiz Pastor, Francisco Javier; García Rodríguez, Lucía; Vivanco Fernández, Marilín; Sol Sánchez, Daniel; García-Granda, Santiago
2009Highly stereoselective halocyclopropanation of a,ß-unsaturated amidesConcellón Gracia, José Manuel; Rodríguez Solla, Humberto; Gutiérrez Blanco, Elena; Villa García, María Ángeles; Alvaredo Suárez, Noemí; García-Granda, Santiago; Díaz Fernández, María del Rosario
2015Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of a two-dimensional piperazinium cobalt-zinc phosphate via a metastable one-dimensional phaseTorre Fernández, Laura; Khaynakova, Olena; Espina Álvarez, María Aránzazu; Amghouz, Zakariae; Khaynakov, Sergiy; Fernández Alfonso, María Belén Aurora; Blanco Rodríguez, Jesús Ángel; Rodríguez García, José; García-Granda, Santiago
2015Hydrothermal synthesis of zinc(II)-phosphonate coordination polymers with different dimensionality (0D, 2D, 3D) and dimensionality change in the solid phase (0D -> 3D) induced by temperatureFernández Zapico, Eva; Montejo Bernardo, José Manuel; Fernández González, Alfonso; García Menéndez, José Rubén; García-Granda, Santiago
2019Hydrothermal synthesis, thermal decomposition and optical properties of Fe2F5(H2O)(Htaz)(taz)(Hdma)Smida, Mouna; Lhoste, Jerome; Dammak, Mohamed; García-Granda, Santiago
2019Impact of CO2+ substitution on microstructure and magnetic properties of COxZn1-xFe2O4 nanoparticlesMohamed, W. S.; Alzaid, M.; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Amghouz, Zakariae; García-Granda, Santiago; Abu-Dief, A. M.
2016Influence of heat treatment on the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties in Nd0.6Sr0.4MnO3 compoundAhmed, A. M.; Mohamed, H. F.; Diab, A. K.; Mohamed, S. A.; García-Granda, Santiago; Martínez Blanco, David
2018Influence of iron doping on the photocatalytic activity of nanocrystalline TiO2 particles fabricated by ultrasound method for enhanced degradation of organic dyeLassoued, Mohamed Saber; Lassoued, Abdelmajid; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Ammar, Salah; Gadri, Abdellatif; Ben Salah, Abdelhamid; García-Granda, Santiago
2013Influence of Mn2+ concentration on Mn2+-doped ZnS quantum dot synthesis: Evaluation of the structural and photoluminescent propertiesSotelo González, Emma; Roces Fernández, Laura; García-Granda, Santiago; Fernández Fernández-Argüelles, María Teresa; Costa Fernández, José Manuel; Sanz Medel, Alfredo
2017Influence of the structure of CrPO4 on the formation of CrVxP1-xO4 solid solutions and their colourTena Gómez, María Ángeles; Mendoza Meroño, Rafael; García Menéndez, José Rubén; García-Granda, Santiago
2017Influences of temperature, power ultrasound and reaction time on the morphological properties of two new mercury(II) coordination supramolecular compoundsHayati, Payam; Rezvani, Ali Reza; Morsali, Ali; Retailleau, Pascal; García-Granda, Santiago
27-Nov-2000Inhibidores de serinproteasas: estudios estructurales de complejos tripsina-inhibidorSantiago García, Rafael
2019In situ X-ray diffraction and the internal friction study of the binary yellow 18-carat gold alloyLamiri, I.; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Martínez Blanco, David; Mari, D.; Hamana, D.; García-Granda, Santiago
2008Interaction of gypsum with AS(V)-beraing aqueous solutions: surface precipitation of guerinite, sainfeldite, and CA2NAH(ASO4)2"6H2O, asynthetic arsenateRodríguez Blanco, Juan Diego; Jiménez Bautista, Amalia; Prieto Rubio, Manuel; Torre Fernández, Laura; García-Granda, Santiago
2018Interactions studies in the crystal structures of Thiosemicarbazones and their Thiazol derivativesOsman, Doaa Ahmed; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Mendoza Meroño, Rafael; García-Granda, Santiago
2014Investigation of structural phase transition behavior by thermal analysis, high temperature X-ray single crystal and vibrational study of Rb2HAsO4.Te(OH)(6) compoundBechibani, I.; Litaiem, H.; Ktari, L.; García-Granda, Santiago; Dammak, Mohamed
2019Investigation of the order -disorder phase transition series in AuCu by in-situ temperature XRD and mechanical spectroscopyLamiri, I.; Martínez Blanco, David; Said Mohammed Abdelbaky, Mohammed; Mari, D.; Hamana, D.; García-Granda, Santiago
2015Ionic-protonic conduction analysis and dielectric relaxation behavior of the rubidium ammonium arsenate tellurateGhorbel, K.; Litaiem, H.; Ktari, L.; García-Granda, Santiago; Dammak, Mohamed
2013K2Ta4O11 ("kalitantite"): a wide band gap semiconductor synthesized in molybdate flux mediumBabaryk, Artem A.; Odynets, Ievgen V.; Khaynakov, Sergiy; Slobodyanik, Nikolay S.; García-Granda, Santiago
2017Kinetics and Mechanistic Insights into the Acetate-Assisted Dimerization of Terminal Alkynes under Ruthenium- and Acid-Promoted (RAP) CatalysisSalvio, R.; Juliá Hernández, F.; Pisciottani, L.; Mendoza Meroño, Rafael; García-Granda, Santiago; Bassetti, Mauro
Showing results 96 to 115 of 264


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