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2019Modelling and mapping beech forest distribution and site productivity under different climate change scenarios in the Cantabrian Range (North-western Spain)Castaño Santamaría, Javier; López Sánchez, Carlos Antonio; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Barrio Anta, Marcos
2019The roles of geography, climate and sexual selection in driving divergence among insect populations on mountaintopsPato Fernández, Joaquina; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
2019Gradual Distance Dispersal Shapes the Genetic Structure in an Alpine GrasshopperIllera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Arenas, Miguel; López Sánchez, Carlos Antonio; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
Jul-2018Técnicas de investigación del patrimonio natural, la geohistoria ambiental y el paisaje de la Sierra del AramoBeato Bergua, Salvador
2018Pollinators and climate changeObeso Suárez, José Ramón; Herrera Vega, José Manuel
2018Climatic niche breadth determines the response of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) to climate warming in mountain areas of the Northern Iberian PeninsulaHerrera Vega, José Manuel; Ploquin, E. F.; Rasmont, P.; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2017Ecological divergence among young lineages favours sympatry, but convergence among old ones allows coexistence in syntopyLaiolo, Paola; Seoane, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos
2017Surviving at high elevations: an inter- and intra-specific analysis in a mountain bird communityBastianelli, Giulia; Tavecchia, Giacomo; Meléndez López, Leandro; Seoane Pinilla, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
2016Ardeola, a Scientific Journal of Ornithology: Cooperative Survivorship within the Red Queen GameDíaz, Mario; Moreno, Eulalia; Amat, Juan A.; Arroyo, Beatriz; Barba, Emilio; González Solís, Jacob; Laiolo, Paola; Lope, Florentino de; Merino, Santiago; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Velando, Alberto
2016Abundance leads to more species, particularly in complex habitats: A test of the increased population size hypotheses in bird communitiesSeoane, Javier; Laiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2016Experimental evidence from Cantabrian mountain heathlands suggests new recommendations for management of Vaccinium mytillus LPato Fernández, Joaquina; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Fernández Ploquin, Emile Claudia; Jiménez-Alfaro González, Francisco de Borja
2015Plastic Responses to Temperature Versus Local Adaptation at the Cold Extreme of the Climate GradientLaiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2015Beyond species loss: the extinction of ecological interactions in a changing worldValiente Banuet, Alfonso; Aizen, Marcelo A.; Alcántara, Julio M.; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2015The evolutionary convergence of avian lifestyles and their constrained coevolution with species’ ecological nicheLaiolo, Paola; Seoane, Javier; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Bastianelli, Giulia; Carrascal, Luis María; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2015Large-scale adaptive differentiation in the alpine perennial herb Arabis alpinaToräng, Per; Wunder, Jörg; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Herzog, Michel; Coupland, George; Agren, Jon
2014Divergent responses of flagship, keystone and resource-limited bio-indicators to forest structureSegura González, Amalia; Castaño Santamaría, Javier; Laiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2014Biotic and abiotic factors modulating wild boar relative abundance in Atlantic SpainSegura González, Amalia; Acevedo, Pelayo; Rodríguez, Oscar; Naves Cienfuegos, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2014Determining habitat suitability for bumblebees in a mountain system: a baseline approach for testing the impact of climate change on the occurrence and abundance of speciesHerrera Vega, José Manuel; Fernández Ploquin, Emile Claudia; Rodríguez Pérez, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
18-Jan-2013Desplazamientos altitudinales y características ecológicas de los abejorros (Bombues Spp.) de la Cordillera CantábricaFernández Ploquin, Emile Claudia
2013Tree height prediction approaches for uneven-aged beech forests in northwestern SpainCastaño Santamaría, Javier; Crecente Campo, Felipe; Fernández Martínez, Juan Luis; Barrio Anta, Marcos; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
Showing results 1 to 20 of 51


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