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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Achilles heel of participatory conservationLópez Bao, José Vicente; Chapron, Guillaume; Treves, Adrian
2017Activity and home range in a recently widespread European mink population in Western EuropePalomares Fernández, Francisco; López Bao, José Vicente; Telletxea, G.; Ceña, J. C.; Fournier, P.; Giralda, G.; Urra, F.
2019Alternated selection mechanisms maintain adaptive diversity in different demographic scenarios of a large carnivoreRocha, R. G.; Magalhães, V.; López Bao, José Vicente; Van Der Loo, W.; Llaneza, L.; Alvares, F.; Esteves, P.J.; Godinho, R.
2019Anthropogenic food resources sustain wolves in conflict scenarios of Western IranMohammadi, A.; Kaboli, M.; Sazatornil, V.; López Bao, José Vicente
2019A rights revolution for nature: Introduction of legal rights for nature could protect natural systems from destructionChapron, B. G.; Epstein, Y.; López Bao, José Vicente
2019Brown bear attacks on humans: a worldwide perspectiveBombieri, G.; Naves, J.; Penteriani Dragone, Vincenzo; López Bao, José Vicente; Delgado Sánchez, María Mar
2017Building public trust in compensation programs through accuracy assessments of damage verification protocolsLópez Bao, José Vicente; Frank, J.; Svensson, L.; Åkesson, M.; Langefors, Å.
2015Carnivore coexistence: Wilderness not requiredLópez Bao, José Vicente; Kaczensky, Petra; Linnell, John D. C.; Boitani, Luigi; Chapron, Guillaume
2018Carnivore conservation needs evidence-based livestock protectionVan Eeden, Lily M.; Eklund, Ann; Miller, Jennifer R. B.; López Bao, José Vicente
2016Coexistence with Large Carnivores Informed by Community EcologyChapron, Guillaume; López Bao, José Vicente
2016A conceptual framework for understanding illegal killing of large carnivoresCarter, N. H.; López Bao, José Vicente; Bruskotter, Jeremy T.; Gore, M.; Chapron, Guillaume; Johnson, A.; Epstein, Yaffa.; Shrestha, M.; Frank, J.; Ohrens, O.; Treves, Adrian
2017Consequences of brown bear viewing tourism: A reviewPenteriani Dragone, Vincenzo; López Bao, José Vicente; Bettega, Chiara; Dalerum, Johan Fredrik; Delgado Sánchez, María Mar; Jerina, Klemen; Kojola, I.; Krofel, Miha; Ordiz Fernández, Andrés
2018Conservation professionals agree on challenges to coexisting with large carnivores but not on solutionsLute, M. L.; Carter, N. H.; López Bao, José Vicente; Linnell, J. D. C.
2017Conserving the World's Megafauna and Biodiversity: The Fierce Urgency of NowRipple, William J.; Chapron, Guillaume; López Bao, José Vicente
2018Content analysis of media reports on predator attacks on humans: Toward an understanding of human risk perception and predator acceptanceBombieri, Giulia; Nanni, V.; Delgado Sánchez, María Mar; Fedriani Laffitte, José María; López Bao, José Vicente; Pedrini, P.; Penteriani Dragone, Vincenzo
2018Counting bears in the Iranian Caucasus: Remarkable mismatch between scientifically-sound population estimates and perceptionsMoqanaki, E. M.; Jiménez, J.; Bensch, Staffan; López Bao, José Vicente
2018Cryptic population structure reveals low dispersal in Iberian wolvesSilva, P.; López Bao, José Vicente; Llaneza, L.; Alvares, Francisco; Lopes, S.; Blanco, J. C.; Cortés, Y.; García, E.; Palacios, V.; Rio-Maior, H.; Ferrand, N.; Godinho, R.
2016Decoding Group Vocalizations: The Acoustic Energy Distribution of Chorus Howls Is Useful to Determine Wolf ReproductionPalacios, Vicente; López Bao, José Vicente; Llaneza, Luis; Fernández García, Carlos; Font, Enrique
2016Detection of Leishmania DNA in wild foxes and associated ticks in Patagonia, Argentina, 2000 km south of its known distribution areaMillán, Javier; Travaini, A.; Zanet, S.; López Bao, José Vicente; Trisciuoglio, Andrea; Ferroglio, E.; Rodríguez, A.
2018Different criteria for implementing sanitary regulations lead to disparate outcomes for scavenger conservationMateo Tomás, Patricia; Olea, Pedro P.; López Bao, José Vicente; González Quirós, Pablo; Peón Torre, Paloma
Showing results 1 to 20 of 84


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