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2018Alert calling in port areas: Marine litter as possible secondary dispersal vector for hitchhiking invasive speciesMiralles López, Laura; Gómez Agenjo, Marta; Rayón Viña, Fernando; Gyraite, Greta; García Vázquez, Eva
22-Jul-2015Análisis genético de parásitos Anisakis en pescados del CantábricoGea Díaz, Betsabé
2016Barcodes of marine invertebrates from north Iberian ports: Native diversity and resistance to biological invasionsMiralles López, Laura; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Arias Rodríguez, Andrés; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Clusa Cuesta, Laura; Dopico Rodríguez, Eduardo Vicente; Hernández de Rojas, Alma; López Martínez, Belén; Muñoz Colmenero, Marta; Roca Martínez, Agustín Antonio; García Valiente, América; Zaiko, Anastasija; García Vázquez, Eva
30-Sep-2016Barcoding as a tool for early detection of hitchhiking invasive species on floating marine debris in the Cantabrian coastGómez Agenjo, Marta
2016Controlling populations of invasive pygmy mussel (Xenostrobus securis) through citizen science and environmental DNAMiralles López, Laura; Dopico Rodríguez, Eduardo Vicente; Devlo-Delva, F.; García Vázquez, Eva
2016Detection and characterisation of the biopollutant Xenostrobus securis (Lamarck 1819) Asturian population from DNA Barcoding and eBarcodingDevlo-Delva, F.; Miralles López, Laura; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Pejovic, I.; Tsartsianidou, V.; García Vázquez, Eva
2019Development and validation of eDNA markers for the detection of Crepidula fornicata in environmental samplesMiralles López, Laura; Parrondo Lombardía, Marina; Hernández de Rojas, A.; García Vázquez, Eva; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan
2018DNA barcodes of Antipode marine invertebrates in Bay of Biscay and Gulf of Lion ports suggest new biofouling challengesMiralles López, Laura; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Clusa Cuesta, Laura; García Vázquez, Eva
2016DNA barcoding for assessment of exotic molluscs associated with maritime ports in northern IberiaPejovic, I.; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Miralles López, Laura; Arias Rodríguez, Andrés; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; García Vázquez, Eva
2017DNA in a bottle - Rapid metabarcoding survey for early alerts of invasive species in portsBorrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Miralles López, Laura; Do-Huu, H.; Mohammed-Geba, K.; García Vázquez, Eva
2013DNA Re-EvolutioN: A Game for Learning Molecular Genetics and EvolutionMiralles López, Laura; Morán Martínez, Paloma; Dopico Rodríguez, Eduardo Vicente; García Vázquez, Eva
2016An easy phylogenetically informative method to trace the globally invasive potamopyrgus mud snail from river's eDNAClusa Cuesta, Laura; Ardura Gutiérrez, Alba; Gower, F.; Miralles López, Laura; Tsartsianidou, V.; Zaiko, Anastasija; García Vázquez, Eva
2017eDNA for detection of five highly invasive molluscs. A case study in urban rivers from the Iberian PeninsulaClusa Cuesta, Laura; Miralles López, Laura; Basanta, A.; Escot, C.; García Vázquez, Eva
29-Apr-2020Find invasive seaweed: An outdoor game to engage children in science activities that detect marine biological invasionSkukan, Roberta; Borrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Rico Ordás, José Manuel; Miralles López, Laura
2016Food control and a citizen science approach for improving teaching of Genetics in universitiesBorrell Pichs, Yaisel Juan; Muñoz Colmenero, Marta; Dopico Rodríguez, Eduardo Vicente; Miralles López, Laura; García Vázquez, Eva
2014Genetic markers reveal a gradient of hybridization between cape hakes (Merluccius capensis and Merluccius paradoxus) in their sympatric geographic distributionMiralles López, Laura; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; García Vázquez, Eva
30-Oct-2016Incidencia de Anisakis en pescados comercializados en AsturiasDuarte Olivenza, Cristina
2014Interoceanic Sex-Biased Migration in BluefishMiralles López, Laura; Juanes, Francis; García Vázquez, Eva
2016Interspecific hybridization in pilot whales and asymmetric genetic introgression in northern globicephala melas under the scenario of global warmingMiralles López, Laura; Oremus, Marc; Silva, Mónica A.; Planes, Serge; García Vázquez, Eva
2013Interspecific Introgression in Cetaceans : DNA Markers Reveal Post-F1 Status of a Pilot WhaleMiralles López, Laura; Lens Lourido, Santiago; Rodríguez Folgar, Antonio; Carrillo Pérez, Manuel; Martín Martel, Vidal; Mikkelsen, Bjarni; García Vázquez, Eva
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