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2017Adherence to nutrition-based cancer prevention guidelines and breast, prostate and colorectal cancer risk in the MCC-Spain case–control studyRomaguera, D.; Gracia Lavedán, Esther; Molinuevo, A.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Tardón García, Adonina
2018Adherence to the Western, Prudent, and Mediterranean dietary patterns and chronic lymphocytic leukemia in the MCC-Spain studySolans, M.; Castelló, A.; Benavente, Yolanda; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Agreement among mediterranean diet pattern adherence indexes: MCC-Spain studyOlmedo Requena, R.; González Donquiles, C.; Dávila Batista, V.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Alcohol consumption and lung cancer risk: A pooled analysis from the International Lung Cancer Consortium and the SYNERGY studyBrenner, D. R.; Fehringer, G.; Zhang, Z.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Tardón García, Adonina
2019Alkylphenolic compounds and risk of breast and prostate cancer in the MCC-Spain studyPeremiquel Trillas, P.; Benavente, Yolanda; Martín Bustamante, M.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2017Antibody reactivity against Helicobacter pylori proteins in a sample of the Spanish adult population in 2008-2013Fernández de Larrea, Nerea; Michel, A.; Romero, B.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Antibody responses to flagellin C and Streptococcus gallolyticus pilus proteins in colorectal cancerButt, J.; Fernández de Larrea, N.; Tjalsma, H.; Roelofs, R.; Kato, I.; Martín, V.; Pérez Gómez, Beatriz; Moreno, Víctor; Dierssen Sotos, T.; Castilla, J.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Amiano, P.; Salas, D.; Alguacil, J.; Jiménez Moleón, José Juan; Huerta, José María; de Sanjosé, S.; del Campo, R.; Kogevinas, M.
2015Associated Links Among Smoking, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Pooled Analysis in the International Lung Cancer ConsortiumHuang, R.; Wei, Y.; Hung, R. J.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2018Association study of dietary non-enzymatic antioxidant capacity (NEAC) and colorectal cancer risk in the Spanish Multicase–Control Cancer (MCC-Spain) studyAmiano, Pilar; Molina Montes, E.; Molinuevo, A.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Cohort profile: The MCC-Spain follow-up on colorectal, breast and prostate cancers: Study design and initial resultsAlonso Molero, J.; Molina, A. J.; Jiménez Moleón, J. J.; Pérez Gómez, B.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Alguacil, J.; Salas, D.; Marcos-Gragera, R.; Chirlaque, M. D.; Aragonés, N.; Castaño Vinyals, G.; Pollán, M.; Kogevinas, M.; Llorca, J.
2016Colorectal cancer risk and nitrate exposure through drinking water and dietEspejo Herrera, Nadia; Gracia Lavedán, Esther; Boldo Pascua, Elena; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Tardón García, Adonina
2018Colorectal cancer, sun exposure and dietary vitamin D and calcium intake in the MCC-Spain studyVallès, X.; Alonso, Miriam Henar; López Caleya, J. F.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2018Compositional analysis of dietary patternsSolans, M.; Coenders, G.; Marcos Gragera, R.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Dietary zinc and risk of prostate cancer in Spain: MCC-Spain studyGutiérrez González, E.; Castelló, A.; Fernández Navarro, P.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Domain-specific patterns of physical activity and risk of breast cancer sub-types in the MCC-Spain studyHuerta, J. M.; Molina, A. J.; Chirlaque, M. D.; Yepes, P.; Moratalla-Navarro, F.; Moreno, V.; Amiano, P.; Guevara, M.; Moreno-Iribas, C.; Llorca, J.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Molina Barceló, A.; Alguacil, J.; Marcos-Gragera, R.; Castaño-Vinyals, G.; Pérez-Gómez, B.; Kogevinas, M.; Pollán, M.; Martín, V.
2018Efecto del empleo y de la carga doméstica en el desarrollo fetal y en la duración de la gestación en una cohorte de mujeres embarazadasArizo Luque, Vanessa; García, Ana M.; Estarlich, Marisa; Ballester Díez, Ferrán; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Tardón García, Adonina; Guxens, Mónica; Vrijheid, Martine; Lertxundi, Aitana; Santa-Marina, Loreto; Ronda Pérez, Elena
2018Effect of mistimed eating patterns on breast and prostate cancer risk (MCC-Spain Study)Kogevinas, M.; Espinosa, A.; Castelló, A.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2019Elevated platelet count appears to be causally associated with increased risk of lung cancer: A mendelian randomization analysisZhu, Y.; Wei, Y.; Zhang, R.; Tardón García, Adonina; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo
2018Epidemiology of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs consumption in Spain. The MCC-Spain studyGómez Acebo, I.; Dierssen Sotos, T.; De Pedro, M.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Tardón García, Adonina
2019Epstein Barr virus antibody reactivity and gastric cancer: A population-based case-control studyAragonés, N.; Fernández de Larrea, N.; Pastor Barriuso, R.; Michel, A.; Romero, B.; Pawlita, M.; Mayorgas Torralba, S.; Martín, V.; Moreno, V.; Casabonne, D.; Castilla, J.; Fernández Tardón, Guillermo; Dierssen Sotos, T.; Capelo, R.; Salas, D.; Salcedo Bellido, I.; Chirlaque, M. D.; Brenner, N.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 45


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