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2013Anglesite (PbSO4) epitactic overgrowths and substrate-induced twinning on anhydrite (CaSO4) cleavage surfacesMorales, Juan; Astilleros García-Monge, José Manuel; Fernández Díaz, Lourdes; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Jiménez Bautista, Amalia
2019Baryte cohesive layers formed on a (010) gypsum surface by a pseudomorphic replacementRuiz Agudo, C.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Di Lorenzo, Fulvio; Gebauer, D.; Putnis, C. V.
2016Crystallographic Control in the Replacement of Calcite by Calcium SulfatesRuiz Agudo, Encarnación; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Ibáñez Velasco, A.; Ortega-Huertas, M.
2014Effect of 30 % hydrogen peroxide on mineral chemical composition and surface morphology of bovine enamelGonzález López, Santiago; Torres Rodríguez, Carolina; Bolaños Carmona, Victoria; Sánchez Sánchez, Purificación; Rodríguez Navarro, Alejandro; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Domingo García, María
2017Effects of chronic lead exposure on bone mineral properties in femurs of growing ratsÁlvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Lee, C. M.; Conti, M. I.; Terrizzi, A. R.; González López, S.; Martínez, M. P.
2014Effects of lead shot ingestion on bone mineralization in a population of red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Rodríguez Navarro, Alejandro; Romanek, C. S.; Ferrandis, P.; Martínez Haro, M.; Mateo, Rafael
2015Experimental study of the replacement of calcite by calcium sulphatesRuiz Agudo, Encarnación; Putnis, Christine V.; Hoevelmann, J.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Ibáñez Velasco, A.; Putnis, Andrew
2018How heating and surface finishing affects the crystalline and mechanical properties of CAD-CAM dental lithium disilicate glass-ceramicGarcía Mira, Javier; Furini, Giordana P.; Benetti, Paula; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Pecho, Oscar E.
2013Influence of chemical and structural factors on the calcite-calcium oxalate transformationRuiz Agudo, Encarnación; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Putnis, Christine V.; Rodríguez Navarro, Alejandro; Putnis, Andrew
2017Influence of physical activity on tibial bone material properties in laying hensRodríguez Navarro, A. B.; McCormack, H. M.; Fleming, R. H.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Romero Pastor, J.; Domínguez Gasca, N.; Prozorov, T.; Dunn, I. C.
2020Influence of Spectroscopic Techniques on the Estimation of the Degree of Conversion of Bulk-fill CompositesBolaños Carmona, Victoria; Benavides Reyes, Crsitina; González López, S.; González Rodríguez, P.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo
2019Interatomic potentials of mg ions in aqueous solutions: Structure and dehydration kineticsZhang, X.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Chass, G. A.; Di Tommaso, D.
2014Mechanical and crystallographic properties of injection-molded polyamide 66/sepiolite nanocomposites with different clay loadingFernández-Barranco, Cristina; Yebra-Rodríguez, África; La Rubia-García, M. Dolores; Navas-Martos, Francisco J.; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo
2018Multi-Scale Approach for the Evaluation of Bone Mineralization in Strontium Ranelate-Treated Diabetic RatsÁlvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Fernández, J. M.; Molinuevo, M. S.; Lino, A. B.; Ferretti, J. L.; Capozza, R. F.; Cortizo, A. M.; McCarthy, A. D.
2018Multi-scale characterization of bone mineral composition and structural organizationÁlvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Domínguez Ciasca, Nazaret; Benavides, Cristina; Sánchez Rodríguez, Estefania; Rodríguez Navarro, Alejandro
2011Potential thermal expansion of calcitic and dolomitic marbles from Andalusia (Spain)Luque Aranda, Ana; Leiss, Bernd; Álvarez Lloret, Pedro Domingo; Cultrone, Giuseppe Vittorio; Siegesmund, Siegfried; Sebastián Pardo, Eduardo; Cardell Fernández, Carolina
Showing results 1 to 16 of 16


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