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2018Adherence to Mediterranean diet reduces the prevalence of obesity and abdominal obesity at 4 years and the risk of incident abdominal obesity at 9 years in children of the INMA studyNotario-Barandiaran, L.; de la Hera, M. G.; Pereda, E.; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2014Air pollution and respiratory infections during early childhood: an analysis of 10 European birth cohorts within the ESCAPE ProjectMacIntyre, Elaina A.; Gehring, Ulrike; Mölter, Anna; Fuertes, Elaine; Klümper, Claudia; Krämer, Ursula; Quass, Ulrich; Hoffmann, Bárbara; Gascón, Mireia; Fernández Somoano, Ana
2014Air Pollution During Pregnancy and Childhood Cognitive and Psychomotor Development: Six European Birth CohortsGuxens Junyent, Mónica; García Esteban, Raquel; Giorgis-Allemand, Lise; Forns, Joan; Ballester Díez, Ferrán; Beelen, Rob M. J.; Cesaroni, G.; Chatzi, Leda; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2017Alcohol and lung cancer risk among never smokers: A pooledanalysis from the international lung cancer consortium and theSYNERGY studyFehringer, Gordon; Brenner, Darren R.; Zhang, Zuo-Feng; Lee, Y. A.; Matsuo, Keitaro; Ito, Hidemi; Lan, Qing; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2017Alcohol consumption and lung cancer according to Ile349Val polymorphism in ADH3 gene: Beyond the tobacco smoking effectFernández Somoano, Ana; Álvarez Avellón, Sara María; Souto García, Ana; Vioque López, Jesús; Navarrete Muñoz, Eva María; Tardón García, Adonina
2013Ambient air pollution and low birthweight: A European cohort study (ESCAPE)Pedersen, Marie; Giorgis-Allemand, Lise; Bernard, Claire; Aguilera Jiménez, Inmaculada; Andersen, Anne-Marie Nybo; Ballester Díez, Ferrán; Beelen, Rob M. J.; Chatzi, Leda; Cirach, Marta; Danileviciute, Asta; Dedele, Audrius; Eijsden, Manon van; Estarlich Estarlich, María Luisa; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Fernández, Mariana F.; Forastiere, Francesco
2015Annoyance Caused by Noise and Air Pollution during Pregnancy: Associated Factors and Correlation with Outdoor NO2 and Benzene EstimationsFernández Somoano, Ana; Llop Pérez, María Sabrina; Aguilera Jiménez, Inmaculada; Tamayo Uría, Ibón; Martínez, María Dolores; Foraster, María; Ballester Díez, Ferrán; Tardón García, Adonina
2017Association between breastfeeding duration and cognitive development, autistic traits and ADHD symptoms: A multicenter study in SpainBoucher, Olivier; Julvez, Jordi; Guxens, M.; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2016The association between passive and active tobacco smoke exposure and child weight status among Spanish childrenRobinson, O.; Martínez, D.; Aurrekoetxea, Juan José; Estarlich Estarlich, María Luisa; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Íñiguez Hernández, Carmen; Santa Marina, Loreto; Tardón García, Adonina; Torrent, Maties; Sunyer, Jordi; Valvi, Damaskini; Vrijheid, Martine
2019Association between trans fatty acid intake and overweight including obesity in 4 to 5-year-old children from the INMA studyScholz, A.; Navarrete Muñoz, E. M.; García de la Hera, M.; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina; Santa Marina, L.; Pereda Pereda, E.; Romaguera, D.; Guxens, M.; Beneito, A.; Iñiguez, C.; Vioque, J.
2019Association of Exposure to Ambient Air Pollution With Thyroid Function During PregnancyGhassabian, A.; Pierotti, L.; Basterrechea, M.; Chatzi, L.; Estarlich, M.; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Fleisch, A. F.; Gold, D. R.; Julvez, J.; Karakosta, P.; Lertxundi, A.; López Espinosa, M. J.; Mulder, T. A.; Korevaar, T. I. M.; Oken, E.; Peeters, R. P.; Rifas-Shiman, S.; Stephanou, E.; Tardón García, Adonina
2012Association of p21 Ser31Arg and p53 Arg72Pro polymorphisms with lung cancer risk in CAPUA studySouto García, Ana; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Pascual, Teresa; Álvarez Avellón, Sara María; Tardón García, Adonina
2017Choice of critical care medicine: Analysis of the last 10 yearsCurbelo, José; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Romero Ladrero, José M.; Villacampa Castro, Tomás; Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando; Baladrón Romero, Jaime
2017Choice of the specialty of diagnostic radiology by results of the competitive examination to assign residency positions from 2006 to 2015Murias Quintana, Eduardo; Sánchez Lasheras, Fernando; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Romeo Ladrero, José M.; Costilla García, Serafín Marcos; Cadenas Rodríguez, M.; Baladrón Romero, Jaime
2015Compliance of nutritional recommendations of Spanish pregnant women according to sociodemographic and lifestyle characteristics: a cohort studyVillar Vidal, María; Amiano, Pilar; Rodríguez Bernal, Clara L.; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2015Deficit of vitamin D in pregnancy and growth and overweight in the offsprinMorales, E.; Rodríguez, A.; Valvi, Damaskini; Íñiguez Hernández, Carmen; Esplugues, A.; Vioque López, Jesús; Marina, L. S.; Espada, Mercedes; Fernández Somoano, Ana
2013Determinants of self-reported smoking and misclassification during pregnancy, and analysis of optimal cut-off points for urinary cotinine: A cross-sectional studyAurrekoetxea, Juan José; Murcia Hinarejos, Mario; Rebagliato Ruso, María Luisa; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
2016Dietary and Household Sources of Prenatal Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in the INMA Birth Cohort (Spain)Costa, Olga; López Espinosa, María-José; Vizcaino García, Esther; Murcia Hinarejos, Mario; Íñiguez Hernández, Carmen; Navarrete Muñoz, Eva María; Grimalt, Joan O.; Tardón García, Adonina; Ballester Díez, Ferrán; Fernández Somoano, Ana
2013Dietary intake of antioxidants and inadequacies in diet in pregnant women in Spain: INMA-Environment and Childhood CohortVillar Vidal, María; Amiano, Pilar; Santamarina Rabanal, María Liliana; Vioque López, Jesús; Navarrete Muñoz, Eva María; Rodríguez Bernal, Clara L.; Tardón García, Adonina; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Romaguera, D.; Damaskini, V.; Ibarluzea, Jesús
2016Dietary intake of trans fatty acids in children aged 4–5 in Spain: The INMA cohort studyScholz, A.; Giménez Monzo, Daniel; Navarrete Muñoz, Eva María; Fernández Somoano, Ana; Tardón García, Adonina
Showing results 1 to 20 of 108


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