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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Assessing water contamination risk from vegetation fires:Challenges, opportunities and a framework for progressNunes, Joao P.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Sheridan, Gery; Neris, Jonay; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Emelko, Monica B.; Silins, Uldis; Robichaud, Peter R.; Elliot, William J.; Keizer, Jacob
2008Caracterización de la materia orgánica en suelos y sedimentos de ambientes estuarinosSantín Nuño, Cristina
2010Characterization of humic substances in salt marsh soilsSantín Nuño, Cristina
2008Characterization of humic substances in salt marsh soils under sea rush (Juncus maritimus)Santín Nuño, Cristina; González Pérez, Martha; Otero Pérez, Xosé Luís; Vidal-Torrado, Pablo; Macías Vázquez, Felipe; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel
2009Characterizing humic substances from estuarine soils and sediments by excitation-emission matrix spectroscopy and parallel factor analysisSantín Nuño, Cristina; Yamashita, Youhei; Otero Pérez, Xosé Luís; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel; Jaffé, Rudolf
2013Consumption of residual pyrogenic carbon by wildfireSantín Nuño, Cristina; Doerr, S. H.; Preston, C.; Bryant, R.
2009Effects of reclamation and regeneration processes on organic matter from estuarine soils and sedimentsSantín Nuño, Cristina; Rosa Arranz, José María de la; Knicker, Heike; Otero Pérez, Xosé Luís; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel; González Vila, Francisco Javier
2018Fire as a Removal Mechanism of Pyrogenic Carbon From the Environment: Effects of Fire and Pyrogenic Carbon CharacteristicsDoerr, Stefan H.; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Merino, Agustín; Belcher, Claire M.; Baxter, Greg
2009Humic substances in estuarine soils colonized by Spartina maritimaSantín Nuño, Cristina; González Pérez, Martha; Otero Pérez, Xosé Luís; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel; Macías Vázquez, Felipe
2018Impact of a moderate/high-severity prescribed eucalypt forest fire on soil phosphorous stocks and partitioningSantín Nuño, Cristina; Otero, Xose L.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Chafer, Chris J.
2010Nutrient and oxygenation conditions in transitional and coastal waters: Proposing metrics for status assessmentGarcía Manteca, Pilar; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Colubi Cervero, Ana María; Gutiérrez Pesquera, Luis Miguel
2018Prescribed fire and its impacts on ecosystem services in the UKHarper, Ashleigh R.; Doerr, Stefan H.; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Froyd, Cynthia A.; Sinnadurai, Paul
21-Jul-2016Relaciones entre hidrofobicidad y carbono orgánico edáfico en suelos cuarcíticos afectados por incendios forestales. Reserva de Muniellos,suroeste de la Cordillera Cantábrica.Méndez Quintana, Marta
2010Saltmarsh soil evolution after land reclamation in Atlantic estuaries (Bay of Biscay, North coast of Spain)Fernández Menéndez, Susana del Carmen; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Marquínez García, Jorge Luis; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel
2018What Can Charcoal Reflectance Tell Us About Energy Release in Wildfires and the Properties of Pyrogenic Carbon?Belcher, Claire M.; New, Stacey L.; Santín Nuño, Cristina; Doerr, Stefan H.; Dewhirst, Rebecca A.; Grosvenor, Mark J.; Hudspith, Victoria A.
2008Wildfires influence on soil organic matter in an Atlantic mountainous region (NW of Spain)Santín Nuño, Cristina; Knicker, Heike; Fernández Menéndez, Susana del Carmen; Menéndez Duarte, Rosa Ana; Álvarez García, Miguel Ángel
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