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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A chemical theory of topological insulatorsMartín Pendás, Ángel; Contreras García, Julia; Pinilla, Fernanda; Mella, José D.; Cardenas, Carlos; Muñoz, Francisco
2019A first step towards quantum energy potentials of electron pairsMunárriz, J.; Laplaza, R.; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Contreras García, Julia
30-Sep-2008Análisis de la diversidad funcional del degradoma : generación y caracterización de modelos murinos deficientes en proteasasRodríguez Folgueras, Alicia
26-Jul-2013Analysis of chemical bonding by means of reduced density matricesÁlvarez Boto, Roberto
2014An anatomy of intramolecular atomic interactions in halogen-substituted trinitromethanesBartashevich, Ekaterina V.; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Tsirelson, Vladimir G.
2019Anti-ohmic single molecule electron transport: is it feasible?Gil Guerrero, Sara; Ramos Berdullas, Nicolás; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Mandado, Marcos
2018Application of the Interacting Quantum Atoms Approach to the S66 and Ionic-Hydrogen-Bond Datasets for Noncovalent InteractionsSuárez Rodríguez, Dimas; Díaz Fernández, Natalia; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Martín Pendás, Ángel
1995Applications of 5S rDNA in Atlantic salmon, brown trout, and in Atlantic salmon x brown trout hybrid identificationMartín Pendás, Ángel; Morán Martínez, Paloma; Martínez Fernández, José Luis; García Vázquez, Eva
2019Assessing the Reversed Exponential Decay of the Electrical Conductance in Molecular Wires: The Undeniable Effect of Static Electron CorrelationGil Guerrero, Sara; Peña Gallego, Á.; Ramos Berdullas, N.; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Mandado, Marcos
2009Bases for understanding polymerization under pressure: The practical case of CO2Contreras García, Julia; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Silvi, Bernard; Recio Muñiz, José Manuel
2018Beryllium Bonding in the Light of Modern Quantum Chemical Topology ToolsCasals Sainz, José Luis; Jiménez Grávalos, Fernando; Costales Castro, María Aurora; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Martín Pendás, Ángel
2014Beyond the molecular orbital conception of electronically excited states through the quantum theory of atoms in moleculesFerro-Costas, David; Martín Pendás, Ángel; González, L.; Mosquera, Ricardo A.
2017The bifunctional catalytic role of water clusters in the formation of acid rainRomero Montalvo, E.; Guevara Vela, José Manuel; Vallejo Narváez, W. E.; Costales Castro, María Aurora; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Hernández Rodríguez, M.; Rocha Rinza, Tomás
2012Bonding between strongly repulsive metal atoms: an oxymoron made real in a confined space of endohedral metallofullerenesPopov, Alexey A.; Avdoshenko, Stas M.; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Dunsch, Lothar
2010Bonding in classical and nonclassical transition metal carbonyls: The interacting quantum atoms perspectiveTiana, Davide; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Álvarez Blanco, Miguel; Macchi, Piero; Sironi, Angelo; Martín Pendás, Ángel
2009Bond metallicity of materials from real space charge density distributionsJenkins, Samantha; Ayers, Paul W.; Kirk, Steven R.; Mori Sánchez, Paula; Martín Pendás, Ángel
2008Buckling in wurtzite-like AlN nanostructures and crystals: Why nano can be differentFernández Solano, Carlos José; Costales Castro, María Aurora; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Álvarez Blanco, Miguel; Lau, Kah Chun; He, Haiying; Pandey, Ravindra
2019Chemical Bonding from the Statistics of the Electron DistributionMartín Pendás, Ángel; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio
2017Chemical bonding in excited states: Energy transfer and charge redistribution from a real space perspectiveJara Cortés, J.; Guevara Vela, José Manuel; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Hernández Trujillo, Jesús
2013Chemical Interactions and Spin Structure in (O-2)(4): Implications for the epsilon-O-2 PhaseGarcía Revilla, Marco Antonio; Francisco Miguélez, Evelio; Martín Pendás, Ángel; Recio Muñiz, José Manuel; Bartolomei, M.; Hernández Hernández, M. I.; Campos Martínez, J.; Carmona Novillo, E.; Hernández Lamoneda, R.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 109


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