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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Evolutionary conservation of within-family biodiversity patternsLaiolo, Paola; Pato Fernández, Joaquina; Jiménez-Alfaro González, Francisco de Borja; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2020Circannual variation in habitat use of the White-winged Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis nivalisBettega, Chiara; Fernández González, Ángel.; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Delgado Sánchez, María Mar
2020Habitat-partitioning improves regional distribution models in multi-habitat species: a case study with the European bilberrySuárez Seoane, Susana; Jiménez-Alfaro González, Francisco de Borja; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2019The roles of geography, climate and sexual selection in driving divergence among insect populations on mountaintopsPato Fernández, Joaquina; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
2019Gradual Distance Dispersal Shapes the Genetic Structure in an Alpine GrasshopperIllera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Arenas, Miguel; López Sánchez, Carlos Antonio; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
2019Modelling and mapping beech forest distribution and site productivity under different climate change scenarios in the Cantabrian Range (North-western Spain)Castaño Santamaría, Javier; López Sánchez, Carlos Antonio; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Barrio Anta, Marcos
Jul-2018Técnicas de investigación del patrimonio natural, la geohistoria ambiental y el paisaje de la Sierra del AramoBeato Bergua, Salvador
2018Climatic niche breadth determines the response of bumblebees (Bombus spp.) to climate warming in mountain areas of the Northern Iberian PeninsulaHerrera Vega, José Manuel; Ploquin, E. F.; Rasmont, P.; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2018Pollinators and climate changeObeso Suárez, José Ramón; Herrera Vega, José Manuel
2017Ecological divergence among young lineages favours sympatry, but convergence among old ones allows coexistence in syntopyLaiolo, Paola; Seoane, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos
2017Surviving at high elevations: an inter- and intra-specific analysis in a mountain bird communityBastianelli, Giulia; Tavecchia, Giacomo; Meléndez López, Leandro; Seoane Pinilla, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Laiolo, Paola
2016Ardeola, a Scientific Journal of Ornithology: Cooperative Survivorship within the Red Queen GameDíaz, Mario; Moreno, Eulalia; Amat, Juan A.; Arroyo, Beatriz; Barba, Emilio; González Solís, Jacob; Laiolo, Paola; Lope, Florentino de; Merino, Santiago; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Velando, Alberto
2016Abundance leads to more species, particularly in complex habitats: A test of the increased population size hypotheses in bird communitiesSeoane, Javier; Laiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2016Experimental evidence from Cantabrian mountain heathlands suggests new recommendations for management of Vaccinium mytillus LPato Fernández, Joaquina; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Fernández Ploquin, Emile Claudia; Jiménez-Alfaro González, Francisco de Borja
2015Beyond species loss: the extinction of ecological interactions in a changing worldValiente Banuet, Alfonso; Aizen, Marcelo A.; Alcántara, Julio M.; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2015Plastic Responses to Temperature Versus Local Adaptation at the Cold Extreme of the Climate GradientLaiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2015Large-scale adaptive differentiation in the alpine perennial herb Arabis alpinaToräng, Per; Wunder, Jörg; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón; Herzog, Michel; Coupland, George; Agren, Jon
2015The evolutionary convergence of avian lifestyles and their constrained coevolution with species’ ecological nicheLaiolo, Paola; Seoane, Javier; Illera Cobo, Juan Carlos; Bastianelli, Giulia; Carrascal, Luis María; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2014Determining habitat suitability for bumblebees in a mountain system: a baseline approach for testing the impact of climate change on the occurrence and abundance of speciesHerrera Vega, José Manuel; Fernández Ploquin, Emile Claudia; Rodríguez Pérez, Javier; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
2014Divergent responses of flagship, keystone and resource-limited bio-indicators to forest structureSegura González, Amalia; Castaño Santamaría, Javier; Laiolo, Paola; Obeso Suárez, José Ramón
Showing results 1 to 20 of 54


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