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2018Lessons from a natural experiment: Allopatric morphological divergence and sympatric diversification in the Midas cichlid species complex are largely influenced by ecology in a deterministic wayKautt, Andreas F.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Meyer, Axel
2018A microsatellite baseline for genetic stock identification of European Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)Gilbey, J.; Coughlan, J.; Wennevik, V.; García Vázquez, Eva; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo
2018Northern areas as refugia for temperate species under current climate warming: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) as a model in northern EuropeHórreo Escandón, José Luis; Griffiths, A. M.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Stevens, J. R.; García Vázquez, Eva
2018Agouti-related peptide 2 facilitates convergent evolution of stripe patterns across cichlid fish radiationsKratochwil, C. F.; Liang, Y.; Gerwin, J.; Woltering, J. M.; Urban, S.; Henning, F.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Hulsey, C. D.; Meyer, A.
2017Forensic assignment to geographic origin, a useful tool in seafood fraud controlHórreo Escandón, José Luis; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; García Vázquez, Eva
2016Incipient sympatric speciation in Midas cichlid fish from the youngest and one of the smallest crater lakes in Nicaragua due to differential use of the benthic and limnetic habitats?Kautt, Andreas F.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Torres-Dowdall, Julián; Meyer, Axel
2016Multispecies Outcomes of Sympatric Speciation after Admixture with the Source Population in Two Radiations of Nicaraguan Crater Lake CichlidsKautt, Andreas F.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Meyer, Axel
2015Parallel evolution in Ugandan crater lakes: Repeated evolution of limnetic body shapes in haplochromine cichlid fishMachado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Kautt, Andreas F.; Kusche, Henrik; Meyer, Axel
2015Genomics of Adaptation to Multiple Concurrent Stresses: Insights from Comparative Transcriptomics of a Cichlid Fish from One of Earth’s Most Extreme Environments, the Hypersaline Soda Lake Magadi in Kenya, East AfricaKavembe, Geraldine D.; Franchini, Paolo; Irisarri, Iker; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Meyer, Axel H.
2015What big lips are good for: On the adaptive function of repeatedly evolved hypertrophied lips of cichlid fishesBaumgarten, L.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Henning, F.; Meyer, A.
2014Cytological and Population Genetic Changes in Northwestern Iberian Mussels After the Prestige Oil SpillCrego Prieto, Victor; Arrojo Fernández, José; Prado, Andrea; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Izquierdo Gutiérrez, Jorge Ignacio; Roca Martínez, Agustín Antonio; García Vázquez, Eva
2014Genetic markers reveal a gradient of hybridization between cape hakes (Merluccius capensis and Merluccius paradoxus) in their sympatric geographic distributionMiralles López, Laura; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; García Vázquez, Eva
2014Pronounced genetic differentiation of small, isolated and fragmented tilapia populations inhabiting the Magadi Soda Lake in KenyaKavembe, Geraldine D.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Meyer, Axel
2014Species-specific differences in adaptive phenotypic plasticity in an ecologically relevant trophic trait: Hypertrophic lips in midas cichlid fishesMachado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Henning, F.; Meyer, A.
2014Long-term effects of stock transfers: Synergistic introgression of allochthonous genomes in salmonidsHórreo Escandón, José Luis; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Griffiths, Andrew M.; Bright, Dylan; Stevens, Jamie R.; García Vázquez, Eva
2013Use of multiple markers demonstrates a cryptic western refugium and postglacial colonisation routes of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) in northwest EuropeFinnegan, A. K.; Griffiths, Andrew M.; King, R. A.; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Porcher, J.-P.; García Vázquez, Eva; Bright, Dylan; Stevens, Jamie R.
2013Parsing parallel evolution: Ecological divergence and differential gene expression in the adaptive radiations of thick-lipped Midas cichlid fishes from NicaraguaManousaki, Tereza; Hull, Pincelli M.; Kusche, Henrik; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Franchini, Paolo; Harrod, Chris; Elmer, Kathryn R.; Meyer, Axel
2012Ecological and economic costs of supportive breeding: Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) as a case studyHórreo Escandón, José Luis; Hoz, Jerónimo de la; González Pola, Iván; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; García Vázquez, Eva
2012Species misidentification in mixed hake fisheries may lead to overexploitation and population bottlenecksGarcía Vázquez, Eva; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo; Campo Falgueras, Daniel; Juanes, Francis
2011Microsatellite standardization and evaluation of genotyping error in a large multi-partner research programme for conservation of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)Ellis, Jonathan S.; Gilbey, John; Armstrong, A.; Balstad, Torveig; Cauwelier, Eef; Cherbonnel, Corinne; Consuegra del Olmo, Sofía; Coughlan, Jamie; Cross, Thomas F.; Crozier, Walter W.; Dillane, Eileen; Ensing, Dennis; García de Leániz, Carlos; García Vázquez, Eva; Griffiths, Andrew M.; Hindar, Kjetil; Hjörleifsdottir, Sigrídur H.; Knox, David; Machado Schiaffino, Gonzalo
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